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category and brings to market a comprehensive Consumer Unit and Circuit Protection range ­ ‘Elucian by Click’. The launch follows months of extensive


research and consultation with contractors to come up with a range of products that best suits their requirements and that are compliant with the latest regulations. It means that wholesalers and installers now have access to a one­stop shop for everything wiring accessories and Scolmore has made a significant investment to ensure that stock levels of the new products are high to meet the anticipated demand.

he result of Scolmore’s latest new product development programme completes the company’s offer in the wiring accessories

Scolmore enters the consumer unit market Elucian is an extensive range of metal

consumer units that will cover a broad range of installations and offers a number of features and benefits that will enhance the products’ convenience, flexibility and safety properties. The Elucian range comprises a total of 58 individual lines which fall under five main product groups: • 100A Mains Switch Consumer Unit. • Dual RCCB Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A Type A RCCB. • Dual RCCB/SPD Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB + 2 Pole SPD. • Combination Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB.

• RCD Incomer – Mini Board – RCD.

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BlueDiamond Introduce IP Pump

StructureCare’s DeckProtect+ delivers total confidence through single source proposition


ESP revamps Sangamo timers and heating controls range


he new­look Sangamo range of timers and heating controls can be broken down into four main product categories ­ Timer Controllers,

Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and Programmers – with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive range. Timers ­ designed for simplistic ON/OFF manual or scheduled control for heating and lighting applications. The range has been expanded with a total of three new products, each one introducing the addition of a fused spur switch for additional protection for high loads. Thermostats ­ designed for controlling heating

system via an electronic sensor – now totals five products. Programmable Thermostat products ­ designed for

controlling heating applications via an electronic sensor or programmed schedule, and ESP has added one new product to this range. All thermostat products have been upgraded and now offer TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control for heating efficiency. In addition, the programable thermostats include an optimization feature; Optimum Start/Delay Start and Optimum Stop, for extra efficiency. Programmers ­ designed for heating and hot water

controlled independently across separate channels via a programmed schedule. A total of three products make up this range varying from 1­3 Channel options and including an optional service interval function to assist with Gas Safety Regulation compliance.

s a key member of the CPG Europe Group, StructureCare occupies an unrivalled position in the car park services sector, providing clients with a

genuine single source solution for waterproofing and wearing surface systems with the DeckProtect+ range. As a manufacturer as well as a contractor able to offer full turnkey packages, StructureCare continues to make significant investment in product development, leading to its recent revision of the DeckProtect+ range; as detailed in the new technical brochure, "Versatile & Innovative Deck Coating Systems for Car Park Structures". These modifications have seen the DeckProtect+ offering refocus on its technically

advanced MMA and PU formulations, ensuring our clients receive outstanding performance and reliability, whatever challenges their structures may present. Importantly, by strengthening DeckProtect+’s DNA, StructureCare is reinforcing a track

record that has secured a host of industry awards, including the BPA 2018 Best New Car Park Award for the Deansgate North MSCP in Manchester, and the BPA 2020 Car Park Renewal Award for Rotherham Interchange. Also in 2018, the Ruskin Square MSCP in Croydon won the BPA Best Car Park Refurbishment and headed up the Infrastructure Category across all of London's projects in the RICS Regional Awards. The UK’s first­ever Ventilation Hygiene Certificate

Level 5 Ventilation Hygiene Certificate. Based on National Occupational Standards for the ventilation


industry, working with the Scottish Qualifications Authority to create a customised award which is also credit rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), the Certificate guarantees the highest possible standards of competence and compliance. The ventilation hygiene industry is growing quickly, and, rightly

so, there is ever more emphasis on indoor air quality and the cleaning of ventilation systems, a requirement under The Building Regulations, approved document “F” Means of Ventilation. The recent statement issued by the Construction Leadership Council, following the

recommendations from the Grenfell inquiry, will mandate operatives to hold a minimum of a Level 2 qualification within their job role. This Certificate will help them bridge that gap, considering there is currently no Level 2 (SCQF Level 5) qualification available for the industry. For more information contact the Centre on 02920 105312. Ashtead Technology launches new indoor air quality monitors

gases, as well as airborne particles and viral aerosols. The TSI 8144­4 measures formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, total


volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature/relative humidity, particulate matter and barometric pressure. This instrument therefore provides the ideal solution for monitoring the most common indoor pollutants to help achieve optimal indoor air quality. The TSI 8144­6 monitors the same parameters, but instead of

formaldehyde it measures ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. This means that the TSI 8144­6 is ideally suited to buildings in urban or industrial locations where air drawn from outdoors may be polluted. Josh Thomas, Ashtead Technology’s Senior Sales Manager, said:

“Currently, the greatest demand is coming from organisations that need to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) in the workplace as this has been linked to higher Covid­19 infection rates. “Whilst it is important for particulates and potentially dangerous

gases to be continually monitored, for many workplaces the most serious risk is airborne coronavirus aerosols being exhaled by asymptomatic individuals. These particles are usually less than 5 micrometres in diameter, and therefore similar in size to cigarette smoke, which as we know does not settle and tends to linger in poorly ventilated spaces. “The TSI monitors can help detect situations in which people have

spent too long in a confined space, exhaling carbon dioxide, and potentially coronavirus aerosols. Occupied spaces with good ventilation may contain 350­1,000 ppm CO2, but anything above this can induce drowsiness, with levels above 2,000 ppm causing headaches, increased heart rate and slight nausea.

Read the latest at: “We recently worked with a national newspaper to investigate CO2

levels in London stores; worryingly, two of them showed CO2 levels above 1,300 ppm, indicating inadequate ventilation to reduce Covid­19 risk.” The monitors are supplied with TSI Link™ Solutions cloud­based

software which provides customised alerts and 24/7 remote access to the monitors for measuring air quality data in real­time. Josh, added: “We are offering the TSI 8144­4 monitor for sale at just £815, and the TSI 8144­6 for £1,210, which means that almost anyone with responsibility for health and safety can afford to monitor all of the most important indoor air quality risks with an instrument that can be installed in under ten minutes.”

www.ashtead­ Unicrimp offers All­round Banding range

The All Round Banding range provides users with an expanded choice of fixing solutions, suitable across a range of applications and environments – helping installers to satisfy the latest IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition. The pre­punched steel banding is highly versatile and has multipurpose uses – to secure cables, pipes, ducts and conduits. It is easy to cut and bend and the pre­punched holes allow for easy fixing using nail, screws, or bolts. The All Round Banding range now comprises a choice of a non­coated


galvanized steel finish in 12mm and 17mm widths, LSF coated options in black (12mm and 17mm widths), plus red and white colour choices (available in 12mm widths). They are all supplied boxed in a 10 metre coil size. For further information contact Unicrimp on 01827 300600 or email BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER AUGUST 2021 41

nicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, offers a comprehensive range of products in its growing Q­Fire fire­rated collection, including All Round Banding products.

nternational equipment rental and solutions specialist Ashtead Technology has launched two new indoor air quality monitors that will help building and facility managers to protect people from toxic


addeco Ltd, in partnership with the National Association of Air Duct Specialists (NAADUK), are proud to announce the launch of the UK’s first ever SCQF

Ovia adds highbay DALI signal converter

via’s latest new product development focus sees the launch of a DALI

signal converter which will transform 0­10V/PWM dimmable light fittings, such as Ovia’s Hion and Grus highbays, to DALI dimmable light fittings. The converter is ideal for a

variety of lighting applications, with the high performance, highly reliable non isolated signal converter compatible with PWM

dimmable drivers. One converter can control one LED driver with strong output PWM signal, and it has a dimming range of 10%­ 100% (dim to off). The converter is IP67 rated, with a waterproof casing and comes with a five year product warranty. For further information,

contact OVIA on 01827 300640 or I

P Pump is the new addition to the BLUEDIAMOND condensate pumps range. It is an IP65 rated condensate pump, made to be versatile for a variety of mounting locations & environments. Fully potted electrics allows the IP Pump to be mounted directly in

the drain pan and easy to remove drainage points allow for a fast and adaptable installations. It can also be installed suspended by threaded rod for ceiling unit applications. A powerful pumping principle offers reliable performance with minimal sound and vibration. Suitable for ducted units, cassette units and floor standing units, the IP Pump is a perfect fit for commercial installations. Thanks to a strong outer casing the BLUEDIAMOND IP Pump can withstand far rougher treatment than comparable other pumps on the market. Get in touch now at or +44(0)1932 355277­pump

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