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Vent­Axia Offered Ways to Help Take Care of Your Lungs for ‘Love Your Lungs’ Week


ent­Axia shared ways to help take of your lungs and protect your household from indoor air pollution during Love

Your Lungs week. Indoor air pollution can affect lung health and is linked to increased risk of pneumonia, COPD and lung cancer.

If an asthma sufferer has an allergic reaction to a pollutant in the air, this can also make asthma symptoms worse. Vent­Axia has been committed to protecting public health by improving indoor air quality since 1936. As part of this commitment, Vent­Axia supported the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Love Your Lungs campaign, which raises awareness of lung health. To support the campaign Vent­Axia shared six

useful tips to help them take care of their lungs. For people with lung conditions, good indoor air quality (IAQ) is especially important. This is even more true during the COVID pandemic, which is

particularly dangerous to those with lung conditions. Key to tackling indoor air pollution and improving IAQ is to ‘reduce ­ dilute – purify’ and so Vent­Axia shared the following tips: • Reduce the use of aerosols and use eco­ friendly cleaning products • Don’t smoke and avoid anyone smoking indoors • Don’t forget to ventilate • Stay active • Breathe deeply • Use an Air Purifier


Siderise Achieves Gold at Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards

it has successfully embedded mental health into its policies and practices and demonstrated a long­term, in­depth commitment to staff mental health. Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of best policy and practice,

S Wieland Electric

presents MOLA®, a new device connector for the RST mini system


he new device connection clearly sets a signal for the future in the area of pluggability, as there is no comparable system on the market. MOLA® has unique qualities all concentrated

around its adaptability and ease of assembly. This is accomplished by the use of double conductor connections equipped with a push­in spring. The flexibility to prefabricate components at different locations and it’s suitability for automatic wiring ensure installations with a high degree of protection are greatly simplified. MOLA® was designed with luminaire

manufacturers in mind, although it can also be used in other applications. As a result, the flexibility of the connection can assist areas such as motors, heaters, and controllers in general. MOLA® is available in 2­, 3­, 4­, and 5­pole versions, and is intended for 20 mm through holes, making conversion to MOLA® a breeze.

The modular design ensures that, the internal wiring harness and the housing can be prefabricated separately. For special requirements, an optional contact seal can provide additional protection against moisture penetration, so that MOLA® can be used even under the most adverse conditions without any problems.

celebrating the good work employers are doing to promote and support positive mental health, and providing key recommendations on the specific areas where there is room to improve. Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees – valued and supported staff are far more likely to perform better and achieve peak performance. Mental health problems are common among employees. Mind surveyed more than 42,000 employees across the 114 employers participating in the Index and included an additional section on the impact of Covid­19. Siderise is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its staff at all levels of the company. This is done through a variety of company policies and initiatives— including a Stress Policy, Flexible Working Policy and those covering workplace grievances— as well as a general company­wide understanding on the importance of good mental health and wellbeing and supportive culture.

Smith Brothers’ new Company Profile brochure – available now!

insight into the business including their ethos, history, distribution coverage and stock profile. Physical copies can be obtained by contacting your SBS representative or by visiting your local branch. Alternatively, you can download a digital copy by visiting The business has grown considerably since SBS released their last piece of key literature back in 2019 with the addition of new branches in Glasgow, Sheffield, and a relocation in Southampton. The new Company Profile literature not only houses their branches key information, it also outlines their services, which are constantly being developed and improved to give


mith Brothers are proud to introduce their latest Company Profile brochure, designed to give readers a better

iderise has been recognised with a Gold Award at Mind’s fifth annual Workplace Wellbeing Awards. Ranking 21st out of the 114 organisations who took part, this award means

pumps will now be available with the option of using R515B, a lower GWP HFO refrigerant that has an A1 non­flammable classification.

A Originally both series of chillers

were developed with optimised compressors and heat exchangers, enabling them to use R1234ze, a low GWP A2L (mildly flammable) refrigerant and achieve a higher SEER value. But following extensive R&D,

customers can now use R515B, which is a non­flammable option to R1234ze.

R515B is an azeotropic

combination of R1234ze and small amounts of R227ea which suppresses the flammability. Tests confirm that R515B can achieve similar performance compared to R1234ze which both the WFGN and WFGI were originally designed for. Aermec’s WFGN chiller offers cooling capacities ranging from

489kW ­1455kW with heating capacities from 545kW­1601kW. Hot water can be produced up to 55ºC and chilled water down to ­ 8ºC.

Whereas the WFGI series offers

cooling capacities in the range of 670kW ­ 2406kW, with heating capacities ranging from 741kW ­ 2664kW. The WFGI can produce hot water up to 65ºC and cooling down to ­8ºC. The WFG and WFGN are designed for indoor installation and suitable for large sized services in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. 45mm RSBT Drives Energy Efficiency

unit, the easy to use and fast to install 3­phase soft starter for scroll compressors from 16A to 32A nominal current and offers Modbus communication.

C Fully equipped with an

customers an even better and more efficient buying experience. The latest development being the introduction of an online customer portal, where users can obtain their key account information at the click of a button.

UV­C Light System Mounted Within Air Handling Units Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality


powerful ultra­violet C (UV­C) light disinfection system that targets viruses and bacteria is now available as an

integrated option on CIAT’s air handling units (AHUs). UV­C light systems are a solution promoted through #CIAT4life, a campaign to spread awareness of CIAT’s advanced indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions and services to help create healthier indoor environments. CIAT is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions. UV­C light has been used for more than a

century to disinfect public water supplies due to its ability to quickly and effectively inactivate potentially harmful pathogens. The modern, high performance UV­C lamp system used on CIAT’s AHUs targets airborne, waterborne and surface microorganisms to improve IAQ. UV­C lamps installed at strategic points within the AHU enclosure flood key areas in high energy, cleansing UV­C light. A thorough three­step process decontaminates the coil surface, condensate in the drip tray and air passing through the AHU housing. The UV­C radiation disrupts the molecular structure of pathogens, reducing risks.

The lamps are highly energy efficient, quiet

and lightweight, and their physical presence inside the unit has only a minimal effect on air pressure and AHU performance. As the UV­C system is fully enclosed within the AHU’s metal housing, the UV­C light presents no risk to users or building occupants. Additionally, all units include safety measures to avoid accidental exposure to technicians during maintenance. With a long life­cycle and minimal maintenance requirements, UV­C offers a highly cost­effective treatment for today’s indoor air hygiene challenges. “This innovation gives building owners and

facility managers a highly effective new tool in the armoury to address the risk from pathogens circulating in buildings and reduce infection risks,” said Juan Jose Francisco Diez, EU Airside Marketing Manager, CIAT. “It provides a high level of protection and reassurance as part of a programme of microbial mitigation and improved safety measures, and is particularly suitable for use in healthcare, offices, the food industry, hotels, schools, airports, leisure facilities, gyms, theatres and cinemas.” Three different configurations for UV­C lights are available. In critical applications,


such as healthcare and food production, UV­C can be used in combination with a HEPA filtration system to remove deactivated particles and other microscopic contaminants from the airstream. UV­C is available as an option on Climaciat™

AIRTECH, Climaciat AIRCLEAN and Climaciat AIRACCESS, plus its AIRTECH and AIRCLEAN ranges. A

innovative patented self­ learning algorithm that automatically adapts itself to the specific compressor it is controlling, ensures an optimum starting current is achieved at every start. The RSBT is a 3­phase controlled solution and is internally bypassed ­ resulting in less heat dissipation inside the panel and offers enhanced inrush current handling and features internal semiconductor by­pass technology. Field replaceable auxiliary for alarms or Modbus communication modules are available providing much more flexibility.

The unit comes in a 45mm­ wide compact format for 16 ­ 32

Technology for safer face­to­face meetings

s normality returns, businesses will need to protect

staff from Coronaviruses and other microbiological hazards. “It’s not as simple as turning up the ventilation, or installing new ventilation,” claims indoor air quality expert Keith Esdon. “Viruses are spread by infected, possibly asymptomatic people, so it will be necessary to remove infectious particles from expired air when people meet. That is why we developed Meeting­Air™, a low­ cost but high­specification air filtration device that sits in the middle of a meeting room table, drawing air from meeting participants and removing potentially hazardous particles.” Airborne pathogens spread when people either inhale infectious particles or touch infected surfaces and then touch their face. Contact transmission can be reduced by hand washing

Arms or 55 ­ 95 Arms in 120 mm wide housing for space saving in the panel or DIN rail mounting. “As energy efficiency

regulations continue to drive change towards more intelligent HVAC systems, the benefits of using soft starts to provide real­ time energy monitoring and faster fault finding are evident. The compressor is typically the largest energy consumer in a heat pump or chiller and measuring the energy in real time gives the option to monitor the overall system efficiency" says William Darby, Managing Director.

arlo Gavazzi have enhanced its already popular RSBT 45mm


Aermec offers lower GWP R515B on water­cooled heat pump chillers

ermec has announced that its WFGN and WFGI water­ cooled chiller and heat

and disinfection, but an infected person can quickly contaminate the air in a meeting room. Following the pandemic it is

likely that people with flu­like symptoms will stay at home, so the main risk will be from asymptomatic people, who will unknowingly exhale small viral aerosols (<5 μm), which settle less readily (similar to cigarette smoke) and are easily inhaled. The Meeting­Air device will therefore help to reduce risk when people are in close proximity with others.­ Read the latest at:

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