Customers who want the superior condensate filtration associated with genuine SEPURA separators and filters can only obtain them through SEPURA’s designated distributors - and in the UK, that means MFE (Multi-Factor Europe) is the sole distributor of the range

Multi-Port Kits allow customers to connect up to eight inlets to Sepura condensate units

Sepura MD Richard Potts with Phil Nicholls of WilkesTranter accountants signing the SPA at Higgs & Sons solicitors


epura filters and separation units are produced exclusively by global filtration

specialists Bowman Stor. Although others have attempted to imitate the groundbreaking products, there is still only one authentic Sepura series and no other separator contains the revolutionary Silexa media that sets them apart from the competition. UK-based Bowman Stor developed the first Sepura oil/water separator over fourteen years ago, providing the market with an easy-to- use, rapid installation unit with no moving parts. This was soon followed by the creation of the new and revolutionary Silexa filtration media; a fully sustainable, renewable material made from recycled waste glass – again conceived within Bowman’s in-house research and development laboratories. The breakthrough created the blueprint for the

way that condensate is treated today and Bowman adapted its mid-range separators to accommodate the new, cleaner, lighter, more adsorbent media. It then set about further enhancing the range in order to meet a broad spectrum of filtration needs from low to high capacity. Bowman Stor continues to modify and improve its output, providing users with greater efficiencies and adapting its industry-leading systems to suit an even wider range of environments and applications.

6 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2019 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT Most recently, it has launched a number of

product-enhancing developments such as the wall mounted bracket. Designed and manufactured specifically for the SEP120 and SEP360 units, the new bracket has multiple advantages. As well as freeing up valuable floor space and creating a tidy working environment, raising the height of the separator makes it easier to access when taking test samples. It also reduces the risk of damage by other plant and equipment in the workplace. Sepura’s new Multi-Port Kit enables users to have twice the number of inlet ports - up to eight - attached to each Sepura filtration unit. “The new kit saves time and money,” says Bowman Stor’s managing director Richard Potts. “Customers can now fit even more devices to a single separator, we are removing the need for additional filtration units – and that saves space as well.” Attaching the Multi-Port Kit is quick and easy

and can be carried out whilst the unit is in situ. The new system is compatible with the SEP120, SEP360, SEP900 and SEP1250 filtration units. In addition, Sepura now offers a choice of inlet ports for its flagship SEP60 ST unit, allowing connection to a wider range of pipe gauges.

NEW OWNER, NEW ERA The last few months have been exciting for

Bowman Stor, with the Walsall-located company now under the ownership of its current managing director, Richard Potts, thanks to a multi-million pound investment from Frontier Development Capital. Having joined Bowman Stor in 2012, progressing to MD just five months later, Richard Potts took the opportunity to buy the business from John and Verity Timmins who had built up the business since its incorporation in 1998. The new owner is keen to maintain Bowman

Stor’s reputation for innovation and product excellence and hopes to achieve further brand recognition on an international basis. Richard Potts said: “It has been a pleasure to

work with John and Verity and I am grateful for their support in developing the Sepura brand as a global leader in oil/water filtration. My vision is to further increase growth in the UK and worldwide markets. We will continue to focus on research and development in our ongoing quest to provide customers with the most efficient, economical, and environmentally-friendly filtration solutions.

 For further information on OEM filtration solutions contact Bowman Stor on +44 (0) 1543 379 212, or visit the website:


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