New HARTING connector solutions for weight reduction, easy handling and fast data transfer in the rail industry

focusing on the three key benefits of weight reduction, easy handling and increasing data throughput. Weight reduction plays an increasingly important role in rail

H Breathe Easy: New ESAB PAPR provides heavy-duty protection F

or heavy-duty protection from welding fume and particulates when welding, gouging and grinding,

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduced the new ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system at EuroBLECH 2018. The ESAB PAPR features a P3 filter and pre-filter to

remove particulates and the latest control technology, allowing the operator to adjust air flow between 170 and 220 L/min to suit the environment and application. As an extra measure of safety, it incorporates both visual and audible alarms to the alert the operator in the event of a blocked filter or low battery. Compatible helmets include the SENTINEL™ A50 for Air, G30 Air, G40 Air and G50 Air and Warrior™ Tech. ESAB Welding & Cutting is a recognised leader in the

welding and cutting industry. From time-honoured processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation.

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd  0800 389 3152 

Hultafors Group UK Ltd

vehicle construction, and connectors can make a measurable contribution here. For trains and trams, the continuous transition from metal to plastic can reduce the weight of connector housings by up to 50% from one generation to the next. In line with this trend, HARTING has extended its Han-Eco®

plastic connector series by adding housings in Han B® size which are plug-compatible with Han® connectors in metal housings and offer additional installation flexibility.

HARTING Ltd  01604 827500 

Are You Prepared For The Winter Rain and Wind? Snickers NEW Waterproof Jackets will keep you warm and dry – all day, every day!

They’ll make your working day easier and more comfortable with built-in quality, functionality and high performance features to cope with the very worst that the weather can throw at you. With lightweight and heavier-duty designs and styles for


professional tradesmen and women, these jackets are 100% waterproof. The insides are fully sealed from the worst of the weather and every seam is taped or sealed. Even the pockets and cuffs are specially designed to keep the

weather out and dry warmth in. There’s a host of designs, styles and extensive size options so you can select the right jacket for you and your job.

 01484 854488

Predictive Maintenance & Reliability Strategies for Industry A

VT Reliability® offer a full range of products and services for asset management professionals including: vibration and oil

analysis, thermography and ultrasound as well as training. These services are used as part of their asset integrity,

performance monitoring and maintenance management programs or for one off consultation. AVT Reliability® can act as an on-site maintenance provider, consultant or one off trouble shooter assuring all its customers are safe in the hands of some of the world’s leading experts in reliability.

The latest product to join their range is Machine Sentry® MSO-1, a low-cost, high-speed online condition based

monitoring (CBM) system offering real-time management of safety and business critical assets. With over 40 years experience helping companies improve reliability, AVT Reliability® are market leading

plant reliability specialists, employing more than 100 professional condition monitoring engineers throughout the UK and Europe.

AESSEAL®  01709 369966

BOGE launches SOLIDscrew B Eisele offers fool-proof

INOXLINE push-in fittings T

he stainless steel fittings of the INOXLINE were developed by Eisele especially for use in hygiene-

sensitive areas. Now the Waiblingen-based company has expanded the successful series to include coded quick- release couplings. With the new coded quick-release couplings Eisele

OGE Compressors has launched SOLIDscrew, a new generation of oil lubricated compressor aimed at automotive and light industrial

operations requiring flow rates between 21 to 89 (cfm). SOLIDscrew is priced very competitively and, yet still offering BOGE’s ‘Made in Germany’ reliability, competitive servicing costs and UK stock availability with next day delivery. Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE says, “Customers tell us

that a low capital purchase price, immediate availability and reliability are the most desirable factors for this size of compressor. Whereas, drivers such as total cost of ownership and extended warranty are not so important to them. We’ve been able to meet their needs with the SOLIDscrew compressor, offering value for money but still using BOGE’s proven technology and reliability.” Stock of all compressors and service parts are available

from BOGE’s UK warehouse in Huddersfield, with next day delivery available.

BOGE Compressors  01484 719 921 30 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2019 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT 

offers fool-proof stainless steel connection components for compressed air. The connectors of the INOXLINE series consist of a coupling and a plug nipple of the product groups 4031 and 4034. They are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4404, are equipped with FDA-compliant seals, and prevent the penetration of contamination through the outer contour in connected state. This makes them ideal for use in food environments. The durable connection elements are designed for operating pressures from 0.5 to 10 bar. Eisele offers the quick-release couplings in four

versions: with round, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal plug coding. An optional shut-off on both sides offers even more safety.

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG  +49 (0)7151-1719-0 

 

ou can count on year-round comfort and protection with Snickers Workwear NEW AllRoundWork Waterproof Jackets.

ARTING has introduced a number of innovative connector solutions and products targeted at the rail industry and

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