Despite the claims, other Vertical Boilers are simply green with envy! D

o the claims “class-leading”, “energy-efficient” and “superior steam quality” stack up? We look at Fulton’s award-winning VSRT-60 and compare it to similar 60HP vertical steam boilers available in the UK.

Efficiency With full operating performance curves available throughout the full output range, Fulton’s VSRT provides 84% gross thermal efficiency compared to approximately 80%, resulting in lower operating costs. A Fulton-designed modulating burner and furnace also achieves ultra-low NOx emissions of <20ppm and 10:1 turndown capability.

Nordson EFD Introduces New GV Series Gantry Fluid

Dispensing Robot with Vision • The CCD camera converts pixels into digital values to deliver precise, high-quality images. The proprietary dispensing software confirms workpiece presence and placement and automatically adjusts as in-process variations occur.

• Working envelopes from 400 mm to 800 mm make the GV Series ideal for precision fluid dispensing onto substrates requiring large work envelopes

• Ensure market-leading dimensional positioning accuracy and deposit placement repeatability at +/- 0.02 mm for the 400 mm gantry robot and +/- 0.01 mm for the 800 mm gantry robot.

Nordson U.K. Ltd  01582 666334 


Steam At 1,306 litres, the VSRT-60’s water volume is >120% greater than equivalent 60HP boilers, but still boasts a start-up time of 10-15 minutes and its installed footprint is >25% smaller. The VSRT also achieves a 99.75% steam quality, a figure most are unwilling to publish.

Fulton Ltd  0117 972 3322 VESA or

universal mount for connecting monitors, displays or control panels

onitors, touch screens, displays and control panels are used every day. Industrial machines and systems are programmed or performance data displayed on modern touch screens or control panels.

On conveyors, monitors make it possible to monitor and visualise all sorts of processes. Today, control panels or

flat screens are often an essential component of modern assembly workstations. The RK monitor mounting is designed for monitors, control panels and touch screens up to 25 kg and offers many

degrees of freedom. The screen can be turned, tilted and swivelled and – if fixed to a round or square tube system – also height-adjusted. No tools required! All degrees of freedom can be adjusted separately via lever/handwheel bolts. With tilt- adjustment in 15° increments and vibration-proof locking.

RK Rose+Krieger  01296 611660  Macsa ID UK to show upgraded iLaserbox 450

Compact Laser Marking Work Station See us at Southern Manufacturing Stand K80


acsa ID UK Ltd – a division of Barcelona-based laser coding, marking and scoring equipment

manufacturer, Macsa ID – will be showing its upgraded iLaserbox 450 laser marking work station at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show. Ideal for first time laser users, the more ergonomically designed unit now features a lateral instead of vertical door for improved ease of operation.

The newly enhanced Macsa’s iLaserbox 450

can be switched to Class 4 mode for marking large or irregular part configurations. This feature makes it ideal for high value, low volume applications within a range of industrial markets, including automotive and aerospace.

Macsa’s entry-level iLaserbox 450 is a compact,

economic and easy to install laser marking work station. Simple to integrate and manage, the iLaserbox 450 can also operate safely in standard Class 1, semi-manual and low-volume marking applications. It can handle components measuring up to 264mm (length) x350mm (width) x 160mm (height)*.

The iLaserbox 450 work station is compatible with Macsa’s full range of industrial laser systems. These include the Nano DPSS compact all-in-one, F Duo Fiber laser for high precision 2D and 3D marking on metals, and D Duo DPSS models for quality marking on plastics and delicate substrates.

Macsa ID delivers advanced solutions to meet the coding, identification and traceability needs of the

manufacturing industry. It is one of the five largest international companies in the laser and coding sector. Macsa ID is supported by a sales and service network that spans more than 80 countries and has direct offices in Spain, China, Malaysia and now the UK.

Macsa ID UK Ltd  01462 816091   IntraLogistex public launch for Red Ledge Warehouse Management and Control System

• Uses state-of-the-art automation to optimise warehouse control

• Features RFID goods tracking, automated goods routing and warehouse ‘lights out’ automatic storage and retrieval • Includes interface to Böwe Systec sorters controlled by smart order management system

for the public launch of ‘Red Ledge Warehouse Management and Control’. This state-of-the-art system makes extensive use of automation to optimise warehouse control and includes an interface to Böwe Systec Optimus sorters, controlled by a smart order management system. Other automation-enabled features include RFID-driven goods tracking, automated goods routing and ASRS (automatic storage and retrieval) for a fully automated ‘lights out’ warehouse environment.


(See Red Ledge at IntraLogisteX, 26-27 February 2019, Stand 440)

Red Ledge Ltd  01484 686769 


oftware engineering and automation specialist Red Ledge has chosen the 2019 IntraLogisteX exhibition

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