Finance offering customised, flexible, budget-friendly finance solutions


e understand that budget challenges and fluctuating equipment usage can disrupt the smooth running of

operations and profitability. What if you could rent the equipment you need only for

the duration of a contract? Rental solutions offer a flexible, cost-effective way to

invest in new equipment whilst maintaining cash or preserving lines of credit.

The rental approach offers; • Flexible rental plans tailored to your business needs

• With the option to extend the length of the rental if required

• Preserve budget and cash flow requirements By assessing the specific nature of your business and

the detail of your situation, we will bring together all the pieces of the puzzle with a different approach to equipment finance.

Contact us today and see how we can help

Somerset Equipment Finance (UK) Ltd Roy Royer,

Head of Business Development - Europe  07799 338675 

Pregis Ltd

Terminal Reconfiguration project. The upgrade is designed to improve efficiency in handling over 16,000 tonnes

Hart’s fire-resistant shutter H

of cargo and enhance the experience of its 6 million passengers annually. John Loftus, Hart’s international estimator, said: “Having once again been chosen as preferred supplier to integrate our door systems to form this specialist Baggage Handling System, it demonstrates our expertise and reliability in security and fire control solutions, not to mention passenger experience.” Hart is highly experienced in Airports having supplied safety, fire protection and security solutions to over 40 Airports worldwide.

Hart Door Systems Ltd  0191 214 0404 

Roll up for high-speed, eco-friendly packaging F

Collaboration produces specialist baggage handling system for Malta Airport

art Door Systems has supplied eight fire shutters to form a specialist Baggage Handling System as part of Malta International Airport’s 12m

or those looking for an all-round sustainable, flexible and high-speed solution for on-demand packing, this new innovation from Pregis Ltd will tick every box. The Easypack® Coiler automates the process of producing coils

of robust, cushion packaging made from 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable paper. Coils can be used to cushion or mould firmly around products of any size, shape or weight in-the-box, making them ideal for all

sectors using on-demand packaging. When used in conjunction with Easypack’s Packmaster™Pro, users can simply select the size and quantity of coils required and the system will automatically produce. Coil diameters range from 30cm to 70cm,

with an output speed of up to 26m per minute.

To watch the Coiler in action visit  01438 740649

Are You Prepared For The Winter Rain and Wind? Snickers NEW Waterproof Jackets will keep you warm and dry – all day, every day!

They’ll make your working day easier and more comfortable with built-in quality, functionality and high performance features to cope with the very worst that the weather can throw at you. With lightweight and heavier-duty designs and styles for


professional tradesmen and women, these jackets are 100% waterproof. The insides are fully sealed from the worst of the weather and every seam is taped or sealed. Even the pockets and cuffs are specially designed to keep the

weather out and dry warmth in. There’s a host of designs, styles and extensive size options so you can select the right jacket for you and your job.

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854488 

Safe & Efficient Drum Handling D

o you have a need to load or unload drums from lorries or containers, de-palletise or just generally move drums around a

workshop or factory site, the St Clare Engineering range of Grab-O- Matic fork attachment and pedestrian drum handlers will provide a safe and efficient solution for you. The extensive range includes the SC10 for lifting and rotating drums

to dispense the contents, scissor grabs, base gripping units and waist grippers, the whole range can also be fitted to pedestrian stackers. The latest development is the ‘Quick Release’ fork attachment drum

handlers which automatically attach and disengage from the forks and eliminate the need for the truck driver to dismount from his cab to attach or release the units, enhancing safety and saving time! All Grab-O-Matic fork attachments are issued with Test Certificates,

CE marked and manufactured entirely in the UK to ISO 9001:2015. St Clare Engineering Ltd

 02380 643402   Air hoists make for safe

and reliable lifting in tough operating environments


herever tough or hazardous operating conditions place excessive demands on lifting operations,

Profi series air hoists from J D Neuhaus (JDN) rise to the challenge. The JDN Profi range is now deployed in applications that range from chemical (including pharmaceutical, paints and varnish), foundries, and food and beverage, to list but a few. In such industries, the inherent design attributes of Profi hoists are proven that they can perform safe, high-performance and cost- effective lifting and lowering operations. Profi air hoists are known for their robust design, a

characteristic that makes them suitable for tough industrial applications, even in continuous working processes. Safety features, such as 100% duty rating and explosion protection are an important advantage when working in hazardous areas.

J D Neuhaus  01224 722751 


ou can count on year-round comfort and protection with Snickers Workwear NEW AllRoundWork Waterproof Jackets.

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