The new Falcon and Apollo From Solid Gear - High Tech Safety Boots For The Winter


Hunt’s Foodservice stacks up on efficiencies with fourth Thorworld Industries’ loading ramp


ndependent frozen, chilled and ambient food supplier, Hunts Foodservice, has announced its continued

investment in onsite efficiencies, as the long-established, reputable firm installs its fourth Thorworld Industries’ loading bay solution. With sites across the South West, Hunt’s has been truly

impressed with the capabilities of its original Thorworld ramp, purchased complete with fixed loading platform and dock leveller back in 2016 for installation at the company’s Sherborne warehouse. In February 2018 the firm installed a further two fixed ramps for its sites in Hazelbury Bryan and Stalbridge, each affording loading bay access from ground level, and in April chose to invest again, this time securing a ramp of the same design as the Sherborne apparatus, but for Hunt’s Fareham site in Hampshire.

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ith a focus on comfort and S3 safety, Solid Gear’s Falcon (shown left) and Apollo boots are probably the most robust boots you can get for

the winter months. With durable uppers these heavy-duty boots will keep your feet dry and insulated so you can work comfortably in the roughest conditions on site. What’s more, the new oil- and slip resistant Vibram soles deliver outstanding grip on snow and ice – even at low temperatures. The Apollo has a premium full-grain impregnated leather upper while

the Falcon is a mix of full grain leather and a Cordura Rip Stop fabric. Both boots deliver better water repellency and breathability than many other boots, while their fiberglass toecaps feature multilayer technology for a roomier toe box, while the new thinner and stronger composite plates add extra flexibility. There’s over 30 boots and shoes in the Solid Gear Safety Footwear range, all of which integrate modern designs and sporty looks with best in class materials for comfort, protection and durability.

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Intelligent Pump Control Resets the Bar for High Pressure Coolant Delivery W

in the carousel with the largest coolant flow requirement. When tools with smaller orifices are employed, the unneeded coolant is returned to the supply tank through a bypass valve. This system is wasteful of power, heats up the coolant unnecessarily and reduces the life of the pump itself. Hydra-Cell Intelligent pump control is an open loop system without

pressure gauges and complex electrical feedback loops. It delivers just the right flow of coolant to maintain the required system pressure, regardless of tool orifice size. As well as reducing the power requirement, coolant chillers can be smaller and consume less energy.

Wanner International Ltd

METTLER TOLEDO has developed a library of knowledge and expertise resources to answer these fundamental questions:

1. What is calibration and why should I calibrate? 2. What are the benefits of balance calibration?

3. How often do I have to calibrate my balance and what are the risks of not calibrating?

4. Which tolerances apply to balance calibration?

5. Is there a difference between calibration and adjustment? 6. My scales are legal for trade, do I still need to calibrate? 7. Why is measurement uncertainty so important? 8. How do I ensure accurate weighing results? 9. Why is it a risk to use non-calibrated Instruments?

10. Why is METTLER TOLEDO – The Right Calibration Partner? 11. What is the correct way to handle test weights? 12. Is routine testing needed between calibration intervals?

Behind each question, you will find a selection of white papers, guides and webinars relating to the calibration of your weighing equipment.

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ABB’s new ceiling-mounted SCARA robot delivers maximum flexibility

ABB expands robot family with ceiling-mounted design aimed at fast and accurate small parts assembly

BB has expanded its SCARA robot family with the launch of a compact invert-mounted model for small parts assembly applications. By mounting the IRB 910INV on the ceiling, manufacturers can increase the space efficiency and flexibility of each cell and handle more complex tasks even in cramped locations. The inverted mounting also allows the IRB 910INV to collaborate with other robots and machines simultaneously in the same footprint, further boosting productivity. Utilising ABB’s superior motion control technology,


the IRB 910INV offers class-leading repeatable accuracy for applications including picking and placing, assembly and testing, electronics small parts assembly tasks such as screw driving, inserting or mounting components, and automated inspections for quality control. The IRB 910INV will also be certified for cleanroom applications in the future.

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anner has introduced intelligent pump control for its Hydra-Cell pumps that it claims will generate significant savings while improving machined part quality. High pressure coolant pumps are traditionally set to accommodate the tool

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