team and hot water boiler specialist, CFB Boilers, has recently built two commercial containerised hot water boiler plant rooms for Multifilm SFX Ltd, a leading provider of special effects to the film industry. The boilers, which were shipped all the way from CFB

CFB’s Boilers Land Leading Role in Film Special Effects S

Boilers’ manufacturing facility in Essex to the film set in Hungary, are being used to heat water in large tanks where actors play out aqua-based scenes. They have already been used in a number of major

Training course for coil boiler operators


abcock Wanson is pleased to announce the launch of the first Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme (BOAS)

Cat 5 training course for Coil type Steam Boiler Operators in the UK, in conjunction with the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA). The new course, prepared by Babcock Wanson, will

cover a range of safety and operational issues that the operator should be aware of, including important health and safety aspects of steam systems and simple water treatment routines, as well as the safe operation of the boiler and how to recognise and what to do when the boiler is not performing correctly. The training will be assessed through a multi-question exam produced and marked by the CEA who will issue a Certificate and ID card to successful candidates, valid for five years. This important new BOAS course can be completed at

Babcock Wanson’s Hertfordshire works or on the customer’s site.

Babcock Wanson  020 8953 7111 

Hollywood blockbusters, including the 6th instalment of a science-fiction film about a cyborg assassin from the future, which is due for release in autumn 2019. Multifilm SFX has decades of experience in delivering all types of mechanical, physical, aqua and pyrotechnic

special effects for the entertainment industry. Scenes filmed in water create a special challenge for Multifilm SFX. CFB Boilers Ltd

 01255 224500 VertEx booth

AirBench has delivered a large VertEx booth to a major customer in France.


he customer will be installing their own mixing equipment within the booth area. The system is

designed to capture dust from the whole contained area, with various operations taking place within the booth. High grade H13 HEPA filters are fitted to allow recirculation of exhaust air within the factory facility.

The booth is based on VA181224 modules, each of which runs on high efficiency EC fans allowing the unit to run

on ultra-low power, while moving tens of thousands of cubic metres per hour at full power. VertEx booths are modular and can be completely reconfigured at short notice; each VertEx base unit can be

rebuilt to, for example, relocate the extracted face or rebuild into smaller or larger booth systems. AirBench Ltd

 01206 791191

Terminal Reconfiguration project. The upgrade is designed to improve efficiency in handling over 16,000 tonnes

Hart’s fire-resistant shutter H

of cargo and enhance the experience of its 6 million passengers annually. John Loftus, Hart’s international estimator, said: “Having once again been chosen as preferred supplier to integrate our door systems to form this specialist Baggage Handling System, it demonstrates our expertise and reliability in security and fire control solutions, not to mention passenger experience.” Hart is highly experienced in Airports having supplied safety, fire protection and security solutions to over 40 Airports worldwide.

Hart Door Systems Ltd  0191 214 0404 

Ecolighting’s industry-leading LED technology is best fit for steel tube specialists


colighting UK has recently installed new LED lighting at the Voestalpine Rotec Ltd warehouse facility in Hinckley to

upgrade the company’s previous systems to one of Ecolighting’s most popular fittings. The workshop and production areas have been fitted with

Ecolighting’s Pegasus LED lighting, and have replaced the incorrect underperforming LED luminaires that were in place. Following a successful previous project in Voestalpine’s rear warehouse facility, Ecolighting installed 113 high bay fittings with its industry-leading LED technology. Voestalpine Rotec Ltd, based in Hinckley, Leicester, offers complete tubular solutions to the automotive industry,

with products ranging from simple bush tubes to complex assembled parts. Ecolighting UK Ltd

 01455 552511    

Collaboration produces specialist baggage handling system for Malta Airport

art Door Systems has supplied eight fire shutters to form a specialist Baggage Handling System as part of Malta International Airport’s 12m

‘Above the neck'

Personal Protective Equipment specialising in Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection.


ith state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in 7 factories over 3 continents, JSP® is

committed to improving occupational safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace worldwide and has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan. Through large investment into Research and

Development and by listening to end-users, JSP® is constantly taking product development to new levels, designing highly innovative award winning PPE which performs to the highest levels even in extreme environments globally. JSP® appreciates that PPE needs to be comfortable

to wear and ensures their products are lightweight, easy to operate, compatible and are more integrated to fit with other PPE. JSP® safety helmets, hearing products, respiratory and eyewear can be customised according to individual specifications using corporate logos and colour schemes, safety messages, personal names and identity systems.

JSP Ltd  01993 826050 


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