Schneider Electric has announced the expansion of its EcoStruxure Ready cooling portfolio, with the introduction of a 30kW InRow DX solution


vailable in a 300mm rack format, this data centre cooling solution

addresses the increasing demand for higher density cooling in the data centre. The trend toward modernisation and

consolidation of data centres is driving the need for a cooling solution that provides more cooling capacity in a smaller footprint and flexible capacity to adapt to the actual data centre load. The 30kW InRow DX is ideal for data

centres that are being modernised or retrofitted, or anywhere IT space is at a premium. Due to its powerfully compact size and energy efficient design, the InRow DX is a versatile and predictable cooling system for next generation small and medium data centres and an optimal choice for edge and enterprise environments. The 30kW InRow DX offers benefits including: • Cooling density: Provides up to three times more capacity compared to previous models, meaning fewer units are needed, freeing up more floor space for IT equipment • High efficiency: Uses energy efficient compressor and fans to reduce OpEx and make more power available for other IT equipment • Flexible design: Easily addresses common installation constraints and reduces service requirements inside the white space • Variable capacity: Variable Speed Drive

ADVERTORIAL DATA CENTRE AND UPS Keeping machines running

over a signaling contact. The battery replacement can then be planned for the next scheduled service. This predictive information prevents unplanned downtimes and avoids the need to arrange for service visits at short notice.

Maximum life time F

ew things are as irritating (or expensive) as unplanned downtimes of plants and machines. The

Murrelektronik UPS-module Emparro ACCUcontrol extends the powerful Emparro power supply system and keeps machines running by switching smoothly to battery operation in the event of a mains power failure. The investment in a UPS system frequently pays for itself the first time downtime is avoided.

External lead batteries with a capacity of up to 40 Ah are connected to the UPS module to ensure prolonged outages. Upon the application, a 20 A or a 40 A variant can be chosen. The module can be installed without tools, and the 20 A variant takes up an extremely small amount of space in the cabinet with a width of only 65 millimeters.

Predictive maintenance – Be alerted before the failure

Emparro ACCUcontrol continuously monitors the internal resistance of the connected batteries. When a limit is exceeded, the device sends a warning signal


Batteries like low temperatures. They supply more power and last longer under such conditions. Emparro ACCUcontrol, therefore offers temperature-guided battery charging. This feature adapts the end-of-charge voltage to the ambient temperature, helping ensure that the battery achieves its maximum service life, even at higher ambient temperatures.

Simple connection to IPCs

• Emparro ACCUcontrol can be easily connected to an industrial PC via Mini-USB.

• The industrial PC can then be shut down in a controlled manner in the event of a power outage.

• The mains voltage and the charge state of the battery can be monitored in real time.

• Operating statuses can be documented in a log.

• The operating parameters are easy to configure.

Murrelektronik  0161 7283133 

Speed and cost-effectiveness of a one-stop turnkey solution


ata centres drive the world. That is because information is today’s most vital resource. For

businesses. For governments. For institutions of all kinds. For every one of us in our daily lives. The latest developments in data centre infrastructure are allowing organisations to leverage the power of information as never before, making quantum leaps for better service, faster growth, greater success and profit. Cannon Technologies is a world leader in delivering total data centre infrastructure, offering high tier, resilient performance, more efficiently by operating at higher densities. Our capabilities are hands-on across the whole infrastructure cycle:

• Phased Growth for Minimised Investment

• Design • Manufacture • Build & Install – M & E • Deploy Worldwide

• Support 24/7 • Real Time Control & Monitoring (DCIM/RMM)

• Improve & Consult • Expand

From a completely new build, to an upgrade, to a transformation of your current data centre, Cannon Technologies offers a service of global reach delivered to your location.

Cannon Technologies  01425 632600 


compressor allows the adapting of cooling load to the actual thermal demand • Cost Savings: Leveraging the low amps of the unit to deliver electrical CapEx reduction • EcoStruxure Ready: Easy to manage with global visibility of equipment performance and status supported with a 24/7 expert service bureau

“If you are consolidating, modernising, or expanding your data centre and struggling to manage the heat profile introduced by the new servers, the versatile new 30kW InRow DX is ideal,” says Ben Smith, vice president of cooling, Schneider Electric. “Powerfully compact and with

unmatched efficiency, the 30kW InRow allows for fewer units to provide the same amount of cooling capacity.”

Schneider Electric

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