Kasp Expands its Innovative Safety Lockout Range K

asp, the leading brand in safety and security from Carl Kammerling, has



logas Britain – a major supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) – has added

liquid biomethane (Bio-LNG) to its off-grid energy supply, marking the industry’s very first Bio-LNG solution for commercial and industrial operations. Available immediately, the new Bio-LNG offering is

targeted at businesses running continuous, energy- intensive manufacturing or industrial processes, as well as the transportation industry. A cleaner energy source than any other off-grid fossil fuel, companies switching to Flogas Bio-LNG can benefit from major carbon savings of more than 80%.[1] Bio-LNG is a highly sustainable version of LNG with

almost the exact same chemical makeup. It is produced during the anaerobic digestion (AD) process, which breaks down organic matter (such as food, sewage sludge or animal waste) to produce methane-rich biogas. This makes Bio-LNG a renewable energy source, one that produces far few carbon emissions than other off-grid fuels and negligible pollutants.

Flogas  0800 574 574 

enhanced its safety Lockout range with two great new additions, the Electrical Lockout Kit and Pin Out Wide Lockout. Designed to offer electricians the very best solutions for safe energy isolation, these new Kasp Lockout products are must-have items for electrical contractors working in domestic and industrial environments.

An essential safety procedure, Lockout/Tagout relies on quality products for safeguarding personnel, whilst important electrical maintenance work is being carried out. Kasp has become a trusted and popular brand in this area and its new Lockout products are no exception, offering unrivalled features and benefits:

• Kasp Electrical Lockout Kit (K81300)

o A unique compact kit perfect for a range of electrical situations. Can handle single MCB, wide MCB over 60 Amps and MCB with bar switch and suitable for use on isolator switches and electrical cupboards.

o Contents of the kit all held in a sturdy, zippered pouch with carabineer for easy storage. • Kasp Pin Out Wide Lockout (K81200)

o Ideal for use on wide switch MCB and those fitted with a cross bar. o Extra wide for larger breakers over 60 Amp. o Universal lockout.

Tina Skinner, Marketing Director, comments: “Our research with electricians has highlighted the demand for Lockout products and that insight has led us to expand the current Kasp range with new product launches. Eye-catching packaging for the new Kasp Lockout products has also been designed for greater impact in-store, including a good description of contents on pack to aid product selection.”

KASP  01758 704704  Figaro agreement broadens Anglia’s sensing capability

monitors, gas leak detectors, and other applications. The new UK and Ireland distribution agreement with Figaro takes Anglia into a completely new field of sensing capability.


Commenting, John Bowman, Marketing Director at Anglia said, “Gas detection is now a mainstream requirement on the Internet of Things as customers seek to remotely monitor all aspects of the environment and detect fault conditions. Figaro is an internationally recognised pioneer in this field and its range of sensors is second to none in terms of its quality, performance and breadth of capability. The range sits perfectly alongside Anglia’s already extensive and justly popular range of sensors, and is highly complementary to our processor, communications and analog semiconductor portfolios.”

Yuki Fujimori, Senior Manager Marketing Department at Figaro added, “Anglia is a well-established UK broadline distributor and we are impressed with its’ strong design in focus and highly trained FAE teams. Our strategy is to take our gas sensors into new and emerging markets and bring them to customers who don’t already know us. Anglia has the drive, enthusiasm and expertise to accomplish this goal. Designing in gas sensors requires specialist skills and knowledge and it has become extremely apparent, during our training with the Anglia FAE team, that they ‘get’ this technology and are fully ready to work with customers on live design projects.”

Figaro gas sensors are widely used in applications such as fire detectors, air quality sensors, refrigerant leak detectors, gas leak detectors and monitors for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, methane, hydrogen and other gases. Anglia is supporting Figaro with an extensive stock profile of popular sensors and evaluation kits available for same day shipment on Anglia Live. Anglia's FAE team has received full training on the new range.

Anglia is driven by an ethic of ever-improving customer understanding and, as a privately owned business, aims to provide a fast, consistent and highly responsive service. found at


nglia is expanding its range of IoT-ready sensors with the Figaro range of gas sensors, widely used in air quality

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