New C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools – Fast, Effortless and Precise!

products, C.K is launching a fantastic high quality range of Cable and Wire Stripping Tools. Stripping cables has never been easier, with the new C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools combining fantastic features and benefits that offer simple, fast, effortless and precise solutions, whatever the job.


Sensor Cases from Evatron T

he sturdy, yet simple features of our sensor cases and control units make them unobtrusive and ideal for

domestic, commercial and office applications. These versatile, attractive and discreet ABS enclosures are available in white, off white, light grey and black. Ventilation allows free airflow making them an ideal housing for thermostats, sensor probes and all temperature, gas and humidity sensing applications. Whatever the application, we have a range of options to meet your needs, with most sensor enclosures having PCB mounts in the base and lid plus pre-drilled wall mounting points. In addition, Evatron can provide a competitive machining and printing service to customise and brand your enclosure – please ask us to quote.

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Not using the right tool can be time consuming and damage cables. Using trimming knives to strip cable can also be dangerous, causing injuries if you slip, with cuts potentially becoming serious by using an exposed blade. Stripping cables has never been easier, with the new C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools that offer the perfect solution for any cable and wire stripping task.

Take a closer look at what’s on offer:

• C.K Automatic Wire Stripper (T1261): Designed for stripping solid and stranded wires from 0.2 – 6.0mm² (24-10 AWG) these clever wire strippers provide automatic wire size adjustment for convenience.

• Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper (T1260): Designed for stripping flat cables up to 12mm in width, this superb cable and wire stripper quickly removes both the external sheathing and internal conductor insulation.

• C.K Universal Cable Stripper (T1270): Provides razor sharp, pre-set stripping blades for fast, precise and damage free stripping of all common round cables with 8-15mmØ.

• C.K Coax Cable Stripper (T1271): Razor sharp pre-set stripping blades, for fast, precise and damage free stripping of all common coaxial cables. Suitable for stripping cables of 4.8-7.5mmØ, as well as stripping 3-core flex.

• C.K Cable Stripper (T1280): Blade repositions for cutting both around and along cable sheathing; adjustable cutting depth to prevent damage to inner conductor Titanium-Nitrade (TIN) coated blade.

C.K Cable Tools  01758 704704  Electric Arc - Understand the Risks and Protect Yourself!

As working clothes on site go, there’s a big difference between conventional electrician’s Workwear and specialist ProtekWork garments from Snickers Workwear, which includes Protective Wear for electricians.


Over the years, conventional workwear has evolved to make the working day on site more comfortable and efficient, with built-in functionality for tools and fixings, as well as protection against cold, rain and the effects of warm weather.

ProtekWork, the new ergonomically designed Protective Wear from Snickers Workwear, has a number of CE (European Conformity) mark across the product range. It has been designed and developed to protect the wearer from serious risks such as heat, flames, electric arcs and hazardous chemicals. In effect, clothing that can mean the difference between life and death for the wearer.

What protection do electricians need?

To be able to properly identify what protection for electricians, you have to know what risks you, your employees or your workmates face. Category III clothing covers exposure to serious risks, which include major hazards such as electric arcs. It’s therefore important to focus on that category of garments to provide adequate protection.

Understand the risks – choose the right level of effective protection

Working in high-risk environments involves, as the name implies, high-risk levels. Arcs due to electrical faults can cause severe injuries and damage. So it’s vital that you choose the right Class III protective wear to ensure your safety.

ProtekWork from Snickers Workwear is the new protective wear solution that will deliver the right level of layered protection to help ensure comfort, safety and well-being on site.

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