PerforMore: the compact connector system for powerful electric vehicle drivetrains

D Megger offers all in

one testing for motors M

egger has combined all of the functions frequently required for testing electric motors in a unique and

innovative handheld instrument, the MTR105 static motor analyser. This diminutive tester, which weighs less than 1kg, provides facilities for a comprehensive range of insulation tests and for making four wire low-resistance measurements. It also offers capacitance, inductance and temperature measurement, along with phase rotation checking and diode test features. Designed specifically to be fast and easy to use, the MTR105 incorporates a graphical display, and all major functions are selected with a single rotary dial. An internal memory with capacity to store 100 test results is provided and results in memory that can either be recalled to the display or downloaded to a standard USB thumb drive. The MTR105 offers insulation resistance testing at user-selectable voltages from 50V to 1,000V. Test voltages are stabilised, which ensures reliable results and eliminates the risk of over-voltage damage.

Megger  01304 502101 

eveloped to meet the demanding requirements of electric and hybrid vehicle drivetrains, the new PerforMore connector system from Stäubli Electrical

Connectors can carry a continuous current of 400A or more with minimal power loss. The rugged devices are suitable for connecting the whole drivetrain,

including batteries, inverters, motors and high voltage distribution units. Their low contact resistance is due to the company's proprietary MULTILAM multi- contact system, which also guarantees strong resistance to vibration and elevated temperatures. The PerforMore is exceptionally compact, with a pitch only usually

found with significantly lower current ratings, while maintaining the clearances and creepage distances necessary for high operating voltages. In the mated condition in particular, its low profile gives a clear advantage in the efficient use of available vehicle space.

Stäubli  01952 671918 

Snickers Workwear’s NEW Loose-fit Stretch Trousers for Maximum Mobility On-site

throughout the UK, there’s plenty of flexibility for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. The new stretchy work trousers for men have a loose fit for a classic


Snickers Workwear look and feel, with stretch Cordura for increased durability as well as improved ventilation and close quarter mobility. What’s more, the new slim-fit work trousers for women are shaped to fit

the female anatomy. The ergonomic ‘women’s fit’ includes wider hips and a narrower waist for a street-wise, fashionable look with optimal comfort and freedom of movement built-in. So check out these newest designs – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get their jobs done comfortably on site.

Snickers Workwear

C.K Magma Toolbelts and Accessories – The Professional’s Choice!


ollowing research with professional users, C.K Magma

is set to launch its new and improved range of Toolbelts and Accessories, including: Tool Pouch; Drill Holster; Padded Toolbelt Set; 3 Pocket Pack and Mobile Phone Pouch, all designed to meet every tradesman’s requirements and make every task that much easier.

Hardwearing, strong and durable, the toolbelts and accessories include:

• Tool Pouch: This convenient pouch features over ten easy access vertical pockets/holders and a unique hammer loop system that can be clipped on either side of the pouch for right or left handed use.

• Drill Holster: The drill holster is manufactured from durable polyester and features secure and accessible drill and bit pockets with Velcro securing strap. Its universal design is makes it perfect for right or left handed use.

• Padded Toolbelt Set: Manufactured from durable polyester, this handy toolbelt set offers extra comfort and features a securing clip to stop the belt pulling through loops when loaded.

• 3 Pocket Pack: Ideal for storing all those loose items you need to keep in one place, the 3 pocket pack features a tough, see-through rear panel for clear visibility of contents.

• Mobile Phone Pouch: The mobile phone pouch features a flexible construction which securely accommodates the latest generation of mobile phones. A padded interior protects a smart phone in the most rigorous working conditions.

Whatever the task, these smart C.K Magma Toolbelts and Accessories offer a multitude of options to suit the individual, by not only ensuring organised and protective storage for valuable tools, but also maximum safety for those working at height, allowing that all important job to be completed quickly and efficiently.

C.K Magma 36  01758 704704 SEPTEMBER 2019 | ELECTRICL ENGINEERING   01484 854788 

i-tech stretch fabrics and ergonomic designs ensure close quarter mobility at work. With a range of new AllroundWork stretch trousers available

NEW from Solid Gear – the Onyx Safety Shoes and Boots

footwear is part and parcel of a comfortable day’s work on site – just like good working clothes and quality hand tools. Combining maximum comfort and protection with a robust and durable design, Solid Gear’s Onyx is available as a shoe or a boot and ideal for different types of on-site work. This EN-accredited footwear has a modern-looking style that integrates a seamless upper and Cordura reinforcements with a poured polyeurethane midsole, a breathable footbed and strong rubber outsole for maximum grip on slippery and uneven surfaces. Metal-free protection comes from the fiberglass toecap and penetration board for extra personal safety. What’s more, the unique BOA Closure System – used on many top-brand sports shoes - distributes the pressure of the fastened shoe evenly across your feet to ensure a glove-like fit all day for maximum comfortable protection.


Solid Gear  01484 854788 


reat value safety footwear with the unique BOA closure system for maximum comfort. Nowadays, good safety

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