40 Frictionless is the way forwards for hotels Intel

42 Transform the guest experience

Although pandemic lockdowns have separated the industry physically, it has allowed for online programmes to be set up and platforms for valuable discourse to continue. The HITEC Europe Sessions, produced by HFTP, are looking to plug that gap, helping hospitality businesses work out their best technological solutions to remain ahead of the curve, and transforming guest communication before, during and after their stay. This is a summarisation of the first two episodes.

Operations 44 In the lap of luxury Long renowned as a haven for hedonism and partygoers, Ibiza has been diversifying its hotel portfolio of late, birthing luxury and wellness resorts designed for a more refined international clientele. Step in OKU Hotels, which will open a 184-room property in Ibiza this summer, formerly of Casa Cook ownership, and another 100-room hotel in Kos. Is OKU an update on the Thomas Cook concept or something entirely different? Will Moffitt speaks to Enrique Mandl, COO and general manager of OKU Ibiza, about his vision for a brand with grand aspirations.

Guest amenities 47 Plastic values

As the pandemic rolls on, a strange dichotomy is afflicting the hotel sphere: guests want everything to be wrapped in plastic for hygiene reasons but they have also become more aware of the negative impacts of climate change. Elly Earls talks to Maurice Bergin, founder of Green Hospitality, Denise Naguib, vice- president of sustainability and supplier diversity at Marriott International, and Catherine Dolton, chief sustainability officer and vice-president of global corporate responsibility at

6 44

IHG, to find out why temporary delays to plastic reduction initiatives will be balanced out by a greater focus on sustainability long-term.

50 Luxury dispensing solution Molton Brown

Spa & wellness 51 Pastoral care

Biophilia is a well-worn phrase and an expansive concept, encompassing everything from indoor shrubbery and plants to natural retreats made from bio-friendly materials. For many hotels, using natural forms is a handy way of enhancing the lobby decor, but for others a growing focus on connecting to nature is a pivotal part of hotel wellness. Abi Millar speaks to WOHA co-founder Richard Hassell and Bill Browning, founding partner of Terrapin Bright Green, about the growing science of biophilia and the role it can play in enhancing the health and well- being of hotel staff and guests.

55 Vacation for all the senses Kemitron

Design 56 Reduce, reuse, repurpose As the climate crisis grows more urgent, the focus on sustainable design strategies is shaping how hotels are planned and built. These approaches range from retrofitting existing properties to wholesale renovation schemes. Abi Millar speaks to Tjeerd

Haccou, co-founder of design studio Space&Matter, and profiles the buildings enjoying a new lease of life as creative, contemporary hotels.

Food & beverage 59 Plant life

Long driven by a more traditional approach to dining, European hotels are increasingly catering to modern diets, incorporating plant-based cuisine into their menus. Far from simply providing a secondary option for those with alternative palettes, these dishes are being served with panache and style, becoming an art form in their own right. Will Moffitt speaks to Jack McLaren-Stewart, founder of Saorsa 1875, the UK’s first vegan hotel, Saorsa’s head chef Deborah Fleck, and Tom Booton, head chef at The Dorchester, about why more hotels are embracing veganism and vegetarianism, and the onus this puts on culinary creativity.

Insider 62 The guest is always right Guest service in our ‘new normal’ requires some flexible and adaptable thinking. But understanding that guests want seamless hotel experiences and a taste of post- pandemic luxury is key to riding these rocky crests, writes Barbara Czyzewska, interim academic dean and head of luxury brand strategy specialisation at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

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