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Vacation for all the senses V

The experience shower is the ultimate in hotel luxury, offering its users light, scent and sensory sublimeness. Now 30 years old, Kemitron remains the leading purveyors of this service, all the while remaining loyal to its technological and experiential roots.

isitors to spa and wellness facilities are looking for rest and relaxation. With this in mind, there is now a wide range of options designed to bring guests closer to this goal. One of these offerings is the experience shower. It was invented 30 years ago by Bernhard

Mayer-Klenk, the founder of Kemitron, and has since been copied worldwide. However, the original is manufactured today as it was then, in Kemitron’s production facility in Wendlingen, Germany. The showers are available in different designs. Of course, the company keeps up with the times, and the showers have been modernised and revised again and again so that, today, they are state of the art. But what exactly is an experience shower? Mistakenly, many manufacturers whose showers bring water to the customer in different ways also call them experience showers. Kemitron’s go far beyond that, because the goal is to appeal to all the senses, and thus offer the greatest possible relaxation.

Guests’ choice

The guest chooses one of the experiences on offer – a tropical storm or coastal mist, for example. By means of different shower strengths and temperatures, coloured light (possibly with flashing light), suitable smell and optionally even sound – the user is sent on a fantasy journey. Variable sprinkler strengths constantly give the skin new impulses and a relaxing massage. Scents play a decisive role at this point, because the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain, and activates experiences and emotions there. Changing coloured light stimulates visual sensation. Sounds such as birdsong or thunder can also be played. The shower experience thus offers the visitor a predefined experience in which all sensory perceptions are addressed and activated. The individual elements for this are coordinated via control technology, which Kemitron offers as a package.

Hotel Management International /

temperature and running times; all can be set individually.

■Suitable smells and smell intensity- per-smell can be adjusted according to customer’s request, and thus an aromatherapy be supported. Likewise, interval times to the next scent can be regulated.

■Different rain programme themes can be delivered.

The experience shower at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, Athens, Greece.

The control system, shower ceiling

and water distributor are available in different versions, which can be adapted to different on-site conditions. The advantages of its experience showers are: ■Despite the standardisation, the showers offer a surprising amount of variety – different water activities, complemented by three different colour light shows and two exquisite scents.

■Shower AttractionPanel (shower canopy, shower ceiling) can be produced in various shapes, such as round, rectangular or similar. This stable, self-supporting plastic hard foam canopy is available up to 120cm wide. Built-in rain jets, colour and room light kits are already installed, completely ready for connection.

■Room and cleaning light, colour lights and colour therapy, as well as flash and thunder are controllable.

■The Shower PipePanel: from the water connection for hot and cold water to the water distributor with stopcocks and built-in solenoid valves, everything is supplied, including threaded insert for the fragrance dosing valves. The pipe outlet is ready for connection, and all components are on a wall mounting plate. Pressure reducer and fixed value mixer are included.

■Different rain experiences and intensities, as well as water

■Different sounds can be assigned to different programmes and controlled via the same sound system, and the volume can be regulated.

■Optionally, a legionella programme can be ordered.

■The pressure for hot and cold water is adjustable.

■Experience shower systems are available at 120 and 230V AC.

■The experience shower system includes the various Kneipp water applications, up to the hot-cold alternating water jets.

■A powerful protection circuit prevents damage in case of technical defects.

■The themes of the experience shower can be set and combined according to the customer’s wishes, and it can replicate different sounds, smells and feelings. Even sea spray or fog can be produced, as well as the aforementioned mountain stream, tropical storm or marine environment.

■Multiple showers can be individually controlled and regulated in parallel via Kemitron’s shower system controls.

So, in summary, an experience shower

is a wonderful way to escape from everyday life and enjoy a tranquil world with all the senses. It is a wonderful addition to any spa, and can be enjoyed before, between and after treatments. Guests will be thankful for it. ● 55

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