Avondale works very hard to ensure we have adequate water supplies from diverse sources to meet current and future needs. Our water portfolio includes groundwater, surface water and reclaimed water.

The city has variety of water right contracts to surface water supplies. One surface water source is from the Colorado River - commonly referred to as Central Arizona Project water (CAP). A second source is the Salt River and the Verde Rivers, known as SRP water. We also have groundwater from our wells, and reclaimed water technically called treated effluent.

as well as much organic matter. Groundwater percolates through the earth’s porous structure which acts as a filtering mechanism to clean the water. Nature’s filtration process creates some of the best drinking water.


Did you know that the amount of water on our planet today is about the same as there was when dinosaurs roamed the earth? That’s because virtually all the water on earth today is part of a continuous water cycle, that is constantly being used, cleaned, recycled and reused.


Our groundwater source is called the West Salt River Valley Sub- Basin aquifer. Most of us have all heard the term “groundwater” and understand it is just what it sounds like – water stored in the ground below the earth’s surface. But did you know that there are three layers below through which groundwater travels?

In our aquifer these three layers are called alluvial units. An alluvial unit is made up of materials consisting of silt, sand, clay, and gravel,

As part of the Groundwater Management Act of 1980, Avondale is required to ensure that the groundwater we remove from below the earth’s surface is restored. We balance our groundwater use with sustainable yield. This means that we never take out more than we put back in. We reuse every drop of reclaimed water that we collect and store it underground in the aquifer for the future. We put our reclaimed water back in the ground at the McDowell Recharge Facility just north of Friendship Park.

We have over 20 wells throughout the city service area that pump water from the West Salt River Valley Sub-Basin aquifer and deliver it to our customers for drinking water and other needs. Avondale supplies an average of about 10 million gallons of high-quality drinking water every day to our residential, business and industrial customers! All of that water meets or exceeds all health and safety standards set by local, state and federal regulators.

We are dedicated to using every drop of water wisely. But, we cannot do it alone. We need your help! It takes the effort of every single Avondale water user to ensure that our water resources will go even further and last even longer!


The City of Avondale Public Works offers free classes to help you learn how to create a healthy vibrant landscape and reduce your water use! All classes are free of charge, but advanced registration is required as space is limited. A full

Winter Landscape Class schedule is available on line at or email our Water Conservation Coordinator directly at for more information.

30 • RAVE January - April 2020

Geting your

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