There are also many services available off-campus as well. The Julie Valentine Center is an exceptional resource for those who are the victims of a sex offense. It is located on White Horse Road in Greenville, is a nonprofit organization that provides free, confidential services to victims of sexual assault. They can be contacted at (864) 331-0560. Please note that the Julie Valentine Center is in no way related to, in cooperation with, or a part of North Greenville University or Campus Safety & Security. As such, a sex offense reported to the Julie Valentine Center should not be considered as having been reported to Campus Safety & Security, law enforcement, or a CSA.

If a student or employee becomes the victim of a sex crime, he or she will receive written notification about their option to contact any of the above mentioned services.

Please note that per the South Carolina Code of Law, if certain sex offenses are alleged and brought to the attention of Campus Safety and Security or school officials, they must be and will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. However, some matters, though criminal in nature, may be reported and handled through the Office of Student Discipline per the Student Discipline Officer’s discretion and the wishes of the accuser.

Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights

In accordance with Section 485 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, these rights are given to victims of campus related sexual assaults:

 The right to have any and all sexual assaults against them treated with seriousness; and the right, as victims, to be treated with dignity; and the right for North Greenville University organizations which assist such victims to be recognized.

 The right to have sexual assaults committed against them investigated by North Greenville University Campus Safety & Security and CMSE and the university’s Title IX Coordinator; and the right to the full and prompt cooperation and assistance of personnel in notifying the proper authorities. This action shall be in addition to the disciplinary proceedings established by North Greenville University. Assistance in notifying/reporting proper Law Enforcement if assault occurred out of North Greenville University Campus Safety & Security’s jurisdiction.

 The right to be free from any kind of pressure from any North Greenville University entity that victims (a) not report crimes committed against them to North Greenville University’s Campus Safety & Security, and disciplinary officials for civil or criminal action: or (b) report crimes as lesser offenses than the victims perceive them to be.

 The right to be free from any kind of suggestion that sexual assault victims not report, or

under-report, crimes committed on campus because:  victims are somehow "responsible" for the commission of crimes against them;  victims were contributory negligent or assumed the risk of being assaulted; or,  by reporting crimes they would incur unwanted personal publicity.

 In any campus disciplinary hearing, the accused and accuser(s) have the right to have a family member present with them at the hearing. A family member means one (1) family member, who is allowed to be present for support and not ask questions. No lawyers will be allowed at the disciplinary hearing for either party. Both the accused and accuser have the right to be notified of the hearing outcome. The sanctions for the accused in cases of sexual assault will be determined by the individual or body hearing the charges. Sanctions may include any sanction(s) deemed appropriate in North Greenville University’s The Student Handbook or North Greenville


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