 When alone or in doubt, call NGU Campus Safety & Security for Safety Escorts to your residence hall.

 Make sure CMSE has your current and correct contact information on file.  Maintain a record of serial numbers of your property and of identification and credit cards. Include a brief description with each and keep this information in a safe place, like home.

 For additional tips, visit the NGU Office of Campus Safety and SecurityWebsite, “Personal Safety Instructions for You.”

Procedures and Rights of Victims of Sexual Assault

In the event you become the victim of a crime on campus, please report it to Campus Safety & Security as soon as you feel it is safe to do so at (864) 977-7777. North Greenville University’s Campus Safety & Security Department is a licensed proprietary security agency. All officers are SLED III licensed. As such, the department and its officers have the full authority and powers of a sheriff’s deputy within the jurisdiction of the North Greenville University campuses and other University owned property. Therefore, officers may conduct an investigation and make arrests as appropriate. If for any reason you are unable to reach Campus Safety & Security, immediately call 911 and report it to the Greenville County dispatcher you speak with.

If you are the victim of a sex offense that occurs off campus, contact the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the area in which the offense occurred. If for any reason a student is unsure who to contact, how to make contact, or what to do regarding contacting local authorities, that student is encouraged to contact Campus Safety & Security who will assist them in contacting the appropriate law enforcement agencies, though they will not have jurisdictional authority to investigate the offense. Furthermore, any university personnel who is requested by a student for assistance in notifying local law enforcement authorities about a crime will do so immediately. Those who are contacted by a student regarding an offense but are unsure of the agency to refer the student to, should contact Campus Safety & Security immediately for assistance.

As the victim of crime, one of the most important things you can do to aid in the investigation is preserve evidence. In the event you become the victim of a crime, especially a sex offense, please observe the following measures in order to preserve the evidence and help law enforcement help you:  Do not shower. This will destroy physical evidence that may be on your person.  Do not wash the clothing you were wearing at the time the offense occurred. This will destroy physical evidence that may be on the clothing. If possible, preserve the clothing in a paper bag and seal the bag with tape.

 If the offense occurred on your bed, do not wash the bedding. This will destroy physical evidence that may be on the bedding.

 You may be asked to go to the hospital to have a rape kit preformed. Rape kits are very important because they collect physical evidence from your person that may lead to or confirm the identity of your attacker.

 While you wait for law enforcement to arrive, if possible, write down any distinguishing characteristics of your attacker. Distinguishing characteristics may include:


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