CLIA CONFERENCE PREVIEW C R U I S E Clia Conference attracts record 450 agents Getting its act together

Some 450 agents have signed up for Clia UK & Ireland’s Cruise Conference in Southampton, which takes ‘#together’ as its theme. Senior membership vice-

president and director Andy Harmer said he wanted to show how much the industry depended on cooperation between agents and cruise lines, and also between the cruise lines themselves. He said: “We still have a long way

to go to convert non-cruisers but the rate of penetration in the UK and Ireland, compared with other European countries, shows the importance of working together. “Cruise line executives give up a lot of their time to working groups and committees to help grow the market. We are highly regarded for the way we work together by

other sectors of the travel industry.” The event will also showcase the

varied entertainment that cruise passengers can enjoy on ships. Harmer said three-quarters of places for the event sold out in a record-breaking two weeks, and most attendees would be from its target audience of frontline agents. “The conference is in its 11th year and is an important part of the calendar,” he said. “It is educational and inspiring, and agents can learn a lot in a short time from top-level international speakers and by touring the ships.” The Clia Conference runs from

May 24-26, with an optional day for more ship visits on May 27. › Ships at the show, page 21 › All together now, page 28 › Let us entertain you, page 37


◗ Four modules that guide agents through ways to identify new cruise markets locally, including special interest, affinity and family groups, have been added to the Clia Discovers section of the Learning Academy. Completing each module earns agents 100 points towards their accreditation.

◗ Clia’s annual River Cruise Convention is expected to open for registration on May 26. The event will be in Amsterdam on November 18-19 and combines conference activities with river ship visits. The cruise excellence awards will be held over the weekend.

◗ Agents in Scotland can immerse themselves in all things cruise at Clia Live in Edinburgh on June 15. The event starts at 5.30pm and is a chance to network with representatives from various ocean and river cruise lines.

◗ The growth of river cruising – up 11% in 2016 on 2015 – has spurred Clia to add four new training modules that focus on Europe’s rivers, the vessels and how to sell them. All are in the Clia Discovers section of the Learning Academy.

Copenhagen to host Cruise360 event

Clia UK & Ireland is taking registrations for its Cruise360 event, in Copenhagen, Denmark, from September 9-11. The event combines

a chance to tour three ships and pick up sales tips from experts including Clia’s head of international training and development Peter

Kollar, and guest trainers Debbee Dale and Moira Ni Ghallachoir. There will also be

conference sessions, a trade fair, gala dinner and included tours of Copenhagen. Registration for Clia members is £30. Day one of the event –

which includes a tour of Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Seas Explorer and a luxury masterclass – is full but

there is space for the rest of the event. That includes a

chance to see Regal Princess and Norwegian Getaway, attend sales seminars focusing on world and Asian cruises, and European river cruising, and hear how to increase clients, contracts and profits.

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