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Commercial Fiction Agent Northbank Talent Management

London Northbank Talent Management is a fast growing literary and talent agency

representing writers, thought leaders and broadcasters across all media throughout the world. We are looking for an ambitious, commercially minded team player to head up our fiction business. The successful candidate will have unrivalled knowledge of the commercial fiction market, most likely as an agent, commissioning editor or bookseller. Key responsibilities include:  Developing Northbank’s list of commercial adult fiction clients.

 Submitting material to publishers and negotiating publishing deals for such clients’ work intended for print and audio volume form in all languages and territories.

 Building and maintaining relationships with publishers, subagents, scouts and other relevant third parties.

 Staying on top of current trends, analysing sales figures and developing an awareness of revenue distribution across the commercial fiction market.

 Contributing strategic ideas towards the overall growth of the company.

 Producing realistic financial forecasts.

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Describe your role. My role is to create

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Paul Smith SelfMadeHero Publicist

an awareness of our books by liaising across all national media, whether that’s in print, through broadcasting or online outlets. While I focus on each new title as it is published, I also deal with enquires about our whole catalogue. We’re a small team, so I work closely with the marketing and acquisitions departments to share our ideas on how best to promote each book. Those teams’ efforts often develop the most surprising results.

32 26th October 2018 2

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the diversity of topics that each book covers, it means they can appeal to a wider audi- ence, beyond graphic novels. It’s a delightful challenge to find new ways of widening aware- ness of SelfMadeHero and increasing appre- ciation of what graphic novels and sequential art can offer. I also get to meet an amazing range of creators from all over the world. It’s a friendly, supportive community which likes to share its creative passions.


What are you working on at the

moment? SelfMadeHero has a strong schedule of titles for autumn, making it a busy time of year. There’s Rachael Ball’s emotional fable Wolf, the macabre Lip Hook by David Hine and Mark Stafford, and the pop art celebration of Andy Warhol’s life, Typex’s Andy. However, we’re already preparing our slate for Spring 2019. Guantánamo Kid, the true story of Mohammed El-Gharani by Jérôme Tubiana and Alexandre Franc, is a highlight.

4 role?

It helps to be a good communicator and enjoy meeting a wide range of interesting people. I have developed my skills through a varied range of roles, including promoting independent films and arts-related events and writing book reviews. In my role you never stop learning and that’s very exciting.

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Which skills do you need for your


What advice would you give to

those looking to work in the industry? It’s important to love what you are doing and to have an understanding of the graphic novels and comics medium, as well as the book industry generally. Equally, it’s important to have a broad awareness of trends because you never know when special- ist knowledge or even trivia you’ve picked up elsewhere will open the door to a new opportunity.

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