BOOKS 9780552174794

Début This thriller follows a woman

who is tasked with break- ing into a Russian crimi- nal’s computer to find proof he is concealing five deep-cover agents—and discovers the face of her husband. It’s sold 20,000 copies in print and e-book to date, says Transworld. A “major” marketing campaign is planned for the paperback, and Charlize Theron is set to star in a film adaptation.

Robert Crais The Wanted S&S, 24th, £8.99, 9781471157493 A mother asks a private investigator to look into her son Tyson. When he finds a connection between Tyson and 18 unsolved burglar- ies, the young man goes on the run, and people start dying.

M W Craven The Puppet Show Constable, 24th, £7.99, 9781472127457

Début Disgraced detec- tive Washington

Poe is on the trail of a serial killer who is burning people alive in the Lake District’s ancient stone circles. First in a series.

Mark Greaney Agent in Place Sphere, 24th, £8.99, 9780751570014 Court Gentry is protecting the baby of the Syrian president’s mistress, in this latest Gray Man novel from the co-author of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels.

Alex Dahl The Boy at the Door Head of Zeus, 10th, £7.99, 9781786699251

Début Outdoor advertising

and a partnership with Norwegian Air for this key title for Head of Zeus, a psychological thriller set in Sandefjord, the “Hamptons of Norway”.

Julia Dahl Run You Down Faber & Faber, 3rd, £8.99, 9780571347780 Second in a series, in which New York-based tabloid reporter Rebekah Roberts is contacted by a man from the ultra-Ortho- dox enclave of Roseville, New York, about his wife’s mysterious death.

Melanie Finn The Underneath

28 26th October 2018

Karen Hamilton The Perfect Girlfriend Wildfire, 10th, £7.99, 9781472244277 The Faber Academy graduate’s psychological thriller about a woman who is so obsessed with the boyfriend who broke up with her six months earlier that she becomes a flight attendant for his airline. Headline is very excited about this.

Catherine Ryan Howard The Liar’s Girl Corvus, 3rd, £7.99, 9781782398998 Will Hurley, Dublin’s notorious “Canal Killer”, is serving life when another body is pulled out of the canal, and the detectives turn to him for help.

Graham Hurley Estocada Head of Zeus, 10th, £7.99, 9781784977917 In the new instalment in the Wars Within series, set in 1937, Reich fighter

Previews Paperback Preview

Head of Zeus, 10th, £8.99, 9781788541268 A literary thriller in which an ex-journalist, spend- ing the summer with her family in Vermont, becomes obsessed with the idea that something terrible has happened to the owners of the house they are renting.

Nicci French Day of the Dead Penguin, 10th, £7.99, 9781405918657 The final novel in the Frieda Klein series sees a serial killer sending a message to the psycholo- gist with each new victim. Michael Joseph says the series has sold 420,000 copies to date, and it has “a full year of focused marketing and publicity activity” planned.

ace Dieter Merz crosses the path of the ex-marine who has been sent to Germany to sound out Hitler’s resolve.

D B John Star of the North Vintage, 10th, £7.99, 9781784708184 This thriller, in which the CIA recruits the twin sister of a girl who has vanished from a South Korean island, sending her undercover into North Korea, is tons of fun and very different to most of the thriller fare out there.

Morgan Jones The Good Sister Pan, 24th, £7.99, 9781447233633 The author has written a handful of excellent spy thrillers as Chris Morgan Jones. His first writing as Morgan Jones follows the story of Sofia Mounir, who flees London and her broken family for Raqqa, to help build a just world.

Michael Kardos BLUFF Head of Zeus, 10th, £7.99, 9781788543743 Former card-trick prodigy Natalie agrees to write an article about cheating at cards, and meets a card cheat who proposes they target a group of gamblers and walk away with $1.5m.

The 15th in the Spider Shepherd series, in which he must help track down one of the world’s most ruthless terrorists.

Alan Parks

Bloody January Canongate Books, 3rd, £7.99, 9781786891365 The first in a new series of Scottish crime novels sees Detective Harry McCoy at the scene of a double shooting in a busy Glasgow street.

Picador, 10th, £8.99, 9781509852765 Eleven-year-old Thera turns detective when her best friend is murdered.

Roz Watkins The Devil’s Dice HQ, 24th, £7.99, 9780008214647

Début DI Meg Dalton looks into the

death of a lawyer in a cave in the Peak District, in this, a début which begins a series.

Mark Winkler

My Name is Nathan Lucius Soho Press, 31st, £8.99, 9781616959784 A Cape Town newspaper ad salesman is asked to end the pain of his only true friend, who is dying of cancer.

J D Robb Leverage in Death Piatkus, 3rd, £7.99, 9780349417882 Lieutenant Eve Dallas looks into the case of a husband and father who set off a bomb, killing 11 people.

J Todd Scott High White Sun Putnam, 31st, £8.99, 9780399183478 New sheriff Chris Cherry is trying to remake his corrupt department when a local Rio Grande guide is murdered.

Jonathan Kellerman Heartbreak Hotel Headline, 24th, £8.99, 9781472206527 Criminal psychologist Dr Alex Delaware and homicide detective Milo Sturgis look into the life of a woman with nearly a century of secrets.

Olivia Kiernan Too Close to Breathe riverrun, 10th, £7.99, 9781786489883

Début DCS Frankie Sheehan is suspi-

cious of the apparent suicide of the scientist Dr Eleanor Costello.

Stephen Leather Tall Order Hodder Paperbacks, 24th, £7.99, 9781473604209

Yrsa Sigurdardottir The Reckoning Hodder Paperbacks, 24th, £8.99, 9781473621596 A letter by a 13-year-old is discovered 10 years after it was written, predicting the death of six people. As Freyja and Huldar look for the writer, people start to die.


Laura Carlin The Wicked Cometh Hodder Paperbacks, 10th, £8.99, 9781473661394

Début This is a big deal for Hodder. In

1831, London’s poor are disappearing and unspeakable acts of wick- edness are taking place. Hester White is desperate to escape the slums, and leaps at the chance when she is thrust into the world of the Brock family. “Splendidly diverting,” said the Irish Times.

Carol Jones The Concubine’s Child Head of Zeus, 10th, £7.99, 9781786699831 A story of how the death of a young concubine in 1930s Malaysia haunts a family for generations.

Jennifer Macaire Soul of Time Accent Press, 31st, £7.99, 9781786154835 Book six in the Time for Alexander time-slip series.

Anna Mazzola The Story Keeper Tinder Press, 10th, £8.99, 9781472234803 On the Isle of Skye in 1857, Audrey Hart is collecting local folk tales when she discovers the body of a girl washed up on the beach. Headline is comparing this to Burial Rites.

Suzanne Rindell Eagle & Crane Allison & Busby, 24th, £8.99, 9780749023881 Moving from Depression- era California to post- Pearl Harbor, this explores the tensions between two men working as an aerial stunt team for a travelling show, and the woman they both fall for.

David Swinson Crime Song Mulholland Books, 10th, £8.99, 9781473618213 PI Frank Marr takes on a case for his aunt, finds out that his cousin is involved in a drugs operation, and then discovers his body. Second in a series by a retired detective.

Abigail Tarttelin Dead Girls

Anna-Marie Crowhurst The Illumination of Ursula Flight Allen & Unwin, 3rd, £8.99, 9781760632021 Beautiful jacket for this story of a spirited young woman coming of age in 17th-century England, dreaming of becoming a playwright. Atlantic is comparing this to Sarah Perry and Jessie Burton.

Emily Hauser For The Immortal Black Swan, 24th, £9.99, 9781784160685 The finale of the Golden Apple trilogy, which draws from Greek myth, sees Admete accompanying Hercules to the land of the Amazons on one of his 12 labours.

Alison Weir Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen Headline, 10th, £8.99, 9781472227713 The third in the histo- rian’s Six Tudor Queens series tells the story of Henry VIII’s third queen, Jane Seymour.

Historical crime & thriller

Caroline Dunford A Death at the Gentleman’s Club Accent Press, 24th, £7.99, 9781786156488 Just before Christmas 1913, Bertram is waiting to be introduced to his fiancée Euphemia’s family at her stepfather’s club, when a murder occurs.

Jim Eldridge Murder at the Fitzwilliam Allison & Busby, 21st, £8.99, 9780749023867 A new historical crime

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