locked-in syndrome, only able to blink an eye, and how she struggled to recover. A foreword from Bill Bryson.

Previews Paperback Preview

Rentzenbrink called this “excellent” in the Times.

Sarah Langford In Your Defence Black Swan, 24th, £8.99, 9781784163082 Eleven cases that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of our legal system are laid out by a barrister.

David Lodge Writer’s Luck Vintage, 17th, £10.99, 9781784708078 The novelist’s memoir about the years when he found success as a writer, between 1976 and 1991.

Christina Patterson The Art of Not Falling Apart Atlantic, 3rd, £8.99, 9781786492760 The author, a journal- ist who loses her job, embarks on a series of interviews of a sort she’d never done before, with everyone from the first person to be publicly fired from a FTSE-100 board, to a mother with an ill baby who still worried about being fat.

Rudiger Safranski Goethe Liveright, 4th, £16.99, 9781631494895 A biography of the great German writer, states- man and naturalist.

Nicola Tallis Elizabeth’s Rival Michael O’Mara, 10th, £9.99, 9781782439240 The first biography of Lettice Knollys, the Countess of Leicester in the Elizabethan era, cousin to Elizabeth I, and possibly also Henry VIII’s illegitimate granddaughter.

Susannah Walker The Life of Stuff Black Swan, 10th, £9.99, 9781784163303 How the author sorted through her mother’s house after her death, discovering how much she had hoarded. Cathy

30 26th October 2018

Clemantine Wamariya & Elizabeth Weil The Girl Who Smiled Beads Windmill Books, 10th, £9.99, 9781786090508 A memoir of how the author fled the Rwandan genocide with her sister as a child, searching for safety for years before being granted refugee status in the US at the age of 12. “Extraordinary,” said the Guardian.

René Weis The Real Traviata Oxford University Press, 24th, £14.99, 9780198828297 A biography of Marie Duplessis, the woman who inspired Verdi’s “La Traviata”.

Alison White Letter to Louis Faber & Faber, 3rd, £8.99, 9780571335640 A mother’s memoir about her son’s traumatic birth and ensuing devel- opmental difficulties. “Intimate, sometimes heartbreaking and often funny, this letter of love is essential reading,” said the Mail on Sunday.

Business & economics

John Carreyrou Bad Blood Picador, 10th, £8.99, 9781509868087 The story of the rise and collapse of Theranos, the multibillion-dollar biotech start-up, by the journalist who exposed it. “Riveting”, said the FT.

Billy Gallagher How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars Virgin Books, 24th, £9.99, 9780753557594 A look at the rise of Snapchat, and how its 23-year-old founder turned down a $3bn offer from Mark Zuckerberg. By a fellow Stanford alumni and fraternity brother of the company’s founding trio.

Pan, 10th, £8.99, 9781509859085 How to make money from a side business without quitting your day job.

Courtney & Carter Reum Shortcut Your Startup Random House Business, 10th, £9.99, 9781847942319 The entrepreneurs’ guide to starting a business from scratch.

History, politics & current affairs

Rodric Braithwaite Armageddon and Paranoia Profile Books, 3rd, £12.99, 9781781257210 The author of bestsellers Moscow 1941 and Afgantsy recounts how the atom was harnessed to produce nuclear weapons, in what the Observer called “a trenchant and stimulating analysis of nuclear deterrence”.

Caitlin Doughty From Here to Eternity W&N, 24th, £8.99, 9781474606530 A practising mortician explores how other cultures care for their dead. A perfect quote from the Times: “Think Bill Bryson doing an underworld special.”

Taylor Downing 1983 Abacus, 3rd, £9.99, 9780349143040 A look at how close the world came to nuclear war in 1983, as tensions between the US and the Soviet Union reached boiling point.

Richard Davenport-Hines Enemies Within William Collins, 24th, £9.99, 9780007516698 Recently released papers and documents contribute to this history of the influ- ence of Moscow on Britain, called “rich, detailed and entertainingly irascible” by the Times.

Ashley Dawson Extreme Cities Verso Books, 22nd, £11.99, 9781784780395 A look at how cities both drive climate change and bear the brunt of its effects.

Martin Goodman A History of Judaism Penguin, 31st, £12.99, 9780141038216 A study of Judaism, called “an absolute godsend” by the Literary Review.

Miles Goslett An Inconvenient Death Apollo, 10th, £8.99, 9781788543118 An examination of the death of David Kelly, the expert on weapons of mass destruction, arguing that it was the subject of an establish- ment cover-up.

Chris Guillebeau Side Hustle

Thomas Dilworth David Jones Vintage, 3rd, £14.99, 9781784708009 The first full biography, Vintage says, of the Modernist poet, visual artist and essayist. “A gorgeous addition to the growing interest in David

Agnes Grunwald-Spier Women’s Experiences in the Holocaust Amberley, 15th, £10.99, 9781445689418 Amberley says it sold out of this collection of true stories about women’s experiences during the Holocaust, many of which have not been cited before. The author herself, born in 1944, is a survivor, after being sent to the Budapest Ghetto with her mother in November 1944.

Mary Hollingsworth The Medici Apollo, 10th, £20, 9781786691538 A history of the rise

Jones, lavishly illustrated with his dreamy engrav- ings and watercolours,” said the Sunday Times, which named it a book of the year pick.

and fall of the house of Medici, called “excellent” by the Telegraph.

Bruno Maçães The Dawn of Eurasia Penguin, 24th, £9.99, 9780141986357 An argument for the coming integration of Europe and Asia.

Colin McEvedy Cities of the Classical World Penguin, 31st, £12.99, 9781846144288 An illustrated history of antiquity’s most important cities, from Alexandria to York.

John McHugo A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi’is Saqi, 21st, £10.99, 9780863569265 An accessible history of the schism and sectarianism in Islam.

Serhii Plokhy Chernobyl: History of a Tragedy Penguin, 31st, £9.99, 9780141988351 The Sunday Times called this minute-by-minute account of the nuclear disaster “a work of deep scholarship and powerful storytelling”. Penguin says the hardback has sold 6,000 copies.

Nicholas Reeves Akhenaten Tames & Hudson, 3rd, £12.99, 9780500294697 A re-evaluation of the life of the controversial Egyptian pharoah.

Joyce Tyldesley Nefertiti’s Face Profile Books, 3rd, £9.99, 9781781250518 A history of ancient Egypt’s most famous art work, the limestone bust of the Egyptian queen.

Patrick Winn Hello, Shadowlands Icon Books, 3rd, £9.99, 9781785784798 An exposé of Southeast Asia’s criminal under- world by the Bangkok- based broadcaster and journalist.

first-hand. “Brilliantly researched and written,” said the Observer.

Lawrence Wright God Save Texas Penguin, 31st, £10.99, 9780141987002 A portrait of the most controversial state in the US, by the author of the critically acclaimed The Looming Tower.


Jane Robinson Hearts and Minds Black Swan, 10th, £9.99, 9781784161620 A history of the women’s march on London in 1913, called “inspiring and moving” by the Observer. New, refreshed paperback package.

Daniel Trilling Lights in the Distance Picador, 24th, £8.99, 9781509815630 The story of the refugee crisis, told through the eyes of the people who experienced it

Brett Anderson Coal Black Mornings Abacus, 3rd, £9.99, 9781408710487 The Suede founder and lead singer’s memoir, telling of how “a snotty, sniffy, slightly maudlin sort of boy, raised on Salad Cream and milky tea and cheap meat”, became a rock star. Published to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Suede’s first album.

Matthew Collin Rave On Serpent’s Tail, 3rd, £10.99, 9781781254233 An account of rave culture today.

Natural history and pets

Miriam Darlington Owl Sense

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