This preview highlights titles to be published in January 2019


Guardian Faber, 3rd, £9.99, 9781783350759 A Radio 4 “Book of the week”, this memoir sees the author embark on a quest to identify every European species of owl, while her son succumbs to a debilitating illness.

Popular science, philosophy & self-help

Brock Bastian The Other Side of Happiness Penguin, 31st, £9.99, 9780141982106 The social psycholo- gist argues that pain is a necessary part of happiness.

Daphne de Marneffe The Rough Patch Vintage, 17th, £8.99, 9781784702632 A clinical psychologist’s guide to the “rough patch” which comes to marriages in midlife.

Luc Ferry A Brief History of Thought Canongate, 3rd, £9.99, 9781847672872 This journey through the great thinkers has sold more than 350,000 copies, says Canongate.

Mo Gawdat Solve For Happy Bluebird, 10th, £9.99, 9781509809950 The former chief business officer at Google X sets out to present the equa- tion for being happy.

Mike Lewis When to Jump Yellow Kite, 10th, £9.99, 9781473653641 A collection of real-life stories from people who made a leap of faith and left their jobs to follow their dreams. Foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.

Antonia Macaro More Than Happiness Icon Books, 3rd, £8.99, 9781785784460 A guide to what we can learn from ancient wisdom today.

The Courage to be Disliked Allen & Unwin, 3rd, £7.99, 9781760630737

A Japanese phenomenon which uses the theories of Alfred Adler to liber- ate our truest selves.

Boundaries HQ, 10th, £9.99, 9780008271602 A four-step programme to help set better personal boundaries.

Leonard Mlodinow Elastic Penguin, 3rd, £9.99, 9780141987392 A look at the power of being flexible, from the author of The Drunkard’s Walk.

Ayelet Waldman A Really Good Day Corsair, 3rd, £8.99, 9781472152893 How the author experimented with microdoses of LSD to treat her depression.

Timothy Morton Humankind Verso Books, 15th, £9.99, 9781788731003 A call for solidarity between humans and non-humans.

Charlan Nemeth No! Atlantic, 3rd, £9.99, 9781786490261 The “world’s leading expert on dissent” shows why we need rebels, and why disagree- ment is necessary.

Rachel Herz Why You Eat What You Eat W W Norton, 8th, £11.99, 9780393356601 The neuroscientist looks at the science behind our relationship with food, including techniques for managing cravings.

Leslie Jamison The Recovering Granta Books, 3rd, £10.99, 9781783781539 Stephen King called this account of addiction, recovery and creativity “required reading”.

Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

Charles C Mann The Wizard and the Prophet Picador, 10th, £12.99, 9781509884186 A look at the four chal- lenges we now face—of food, water, energy and climate change— through the little-known work of the 20th-century scientists Norman Borlaug and Willia Vogt. “Does the Earth’s finite carrying capacity mean economic growth has to stop? That momentous question is the subject of Charles Mann’s brilliant book... A treasure house of knowledge... Indispensable,” said the Wall Street Journal.

Mark Maslin The Cradle of Humanity Oxford University Press, 24th, £9.99, 9780198704539 New research looking at how the geological and climatic history of East Africa’s Rift Valley lie at the heart of what drove the evolution of humans.

Jennie Miller & Victoria Lambert

Steven Pinker Enlightenment Now Penguin, 3rd, £12.99, 9780141979090 A Sunday Times bestseller and Bill Gates’ “new favourite book of all time” makes the case for human progress and for treating the challenges of today as problems which can be solved.

Jody Shield LifeTonic Yellow Kite, 10th, £9.99, 9781473640597 How to heal yourself from the inside out.

Kieron Dyer & Oliver Holt Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late Headline, 24th, £8.99, 9781472249388 Professional footballer and “I’m a Celebrity...” contestant Dyer’s memoir, giving an insight into the excesses of the generation of English footballers made rich by the Premier League’s post-1990 boom.

Paul Ferris The Boy on the Shed Hodder Paperbacks, 24th, £8.99, 9781473666740 A foreword from Alan Shearer for this memoir from a teenage football prodigy who became Newcastle United’s young- est-ever player in 1982.

Dr Mike Shooter Growing Pains Hodder Paperbacks, 10th, £9.99, 9781473643253 The child psychologist lays out the realities of growing up, using the stories of his patients and their families.

Scott Jurek North Arrow, 24th, £9.99, 9781784756710 How the ultramarathoner ran the Appalachian trail (2,200 miles) in 47 days.

Adrian Weale Fighting Fit Seven Dials, 10th, £8.99, 9781841883359 A complete SAS fitness training guide.

Ann Wroe Six Facets of Light Vintage, 3rd, £16.99, 9781784708375 What a gorgeous jacket for these meditations on the mystery of light. “She’s a genius, I believe, because she lights up every subject she touches,” said Hilary Mantel.

Sport Reissues

Charles Brandt I Heard You Paint Houses Hodder Paperbacks, 24th, £8.99, 9781473651524 A tie-in reissue, after this story of the death of Jimmy Hoffa was filmed as “The Irishman”, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Garrard Conley Boy Erased William Collins, 10th, £8.99, 9780008294908 New jacket for this film tie-in of a memoir about going through “gay cure” therapy. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Lucas Hedges.

Elizabeth Eliot Alice Dean Street Press, 7th, £9.99, 9781912574599 Dean Street is reissuing four novels from Eliot this month, describing them as “masterful, funny and malicious novels of manners from the 1950s”.

but anything to wave her under the noses of people who haven’t had the fortune to experience her yet. An “extensive marketing campaign” is planned by Arrow.

Sophie Kinsella The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic Black Swan, 10th, £7.99, 9780552778329 Transworld is reissuing Kinsella’s backlist in the new package style of My Not So Perfect Life and Surprise Me. The first reissue, The Undomestic Goddess, sold 35,000 copies through the TCM, it says.

Anthony Loyd My War Gone By, I Miss it So September Publishing, 29th, £8.99, 9781912836048 Optioned by Tom Hardy for a film, this memoir of war and heroin addiction was first published 20 years ago.

Zelda Fitzgerald, Jonathan Fenby (intro) Save Me the Waltz Handheld Press, 14th, £12.99, 9781999828042 A reissue, with a new introduction, of Zelda Fitzgerald’s only novel, Save Me the Waltz, using material which her husband F Scott Fitzgerald drew on for Tender is the Night. She wrote it in six weeks after her admission to a sanatorium.

Thomas Mann Confessions of Felix Krull Vintage Classics, 3rd, £8.99, 9781784875060 Reissue of the lost comic classic of Thomas Mann, 20 years after it was last in print. Lotte in Weimar is also reissued this month.

Simon Rich Miracle Workers Serpent’s Tail, 3rd, £7.99, 9781788160599 Previously published as What in God’s Name, this is a TV tie-in edition to the series starring Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi.

Georgette Heyer Friday’s Child Arrow, 24th, £8.99, 9781787462359 A new, “supermarket- focused” photographic look for the inimitable Heyer to bring her to a new readership. I love my ancient old copies,

D E Stevenson Smouldering Fire Dean Street Press, 7th, £9.99, 9781912574490 Dean Street continues in its estimable aim of rediscovering and publishing overlooked women writers from the mid-20th century, reissuing five novels from the Scottish novelist D E Stevenson, including three from her Mrs Tim series. All five have a new introduction from Alexander McCall Smith.


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