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Paperback Preview January (2019)

Science and medicine are on the agenda for 2019, as January ushers in a host of new medical memoirs and classic popular science is reinvigorated

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t’s already January in paper- back land, and publishers are ramping their offerings back

up again. We have a plethora of medical memoirs—two of which I’ve highlighted in my picks—as well as some clever backlist publishing to look out for. Faber is marking its 90th anniversary in 2019 with a host of “Faber Stories”—new paperbacks of titles by authors including Kazuo Ishiguro, Petina Gappah, Samuel Becket, PD James and Robert Aickman. Vintage Classics has a new series of special edition popular science books, including Sapiens, On the Origin of Species, Guns, Germs and Steel and Cradle to Cradle, published in partner- ship with creative firm Paternit. And Picador has a gorgeous series reissue of the Picador Classics list, with some fantastic new introductions, that’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

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Vintage Classics has a new series of special edition popular science books... published in partnership with Patternity

I’ve focused the reissues column a litle more this month: instead of including every single new edition, I’m only showing you those I think deserve it—think film tie-ins and genuinely exciting relaunches. I hope that’s help- ful—and happy New Year!

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26th October 2018 Memoir Kathryn Mannix

With the End in Mind William Collins, 10th, £9.99, 9780008210915

“You are likely to be made sad,” pallia- tive medicine expert Kathryn Mannix warns us near the start of the Sunday Times bestseller With the End in Mind— her wise and brilliant consideration of the process of dying. A mix of case

studies and lessons drawn from her four decades of clinical practice, it was shortlisted for the Wellcome Prize. But Mannix hopes “that you will also feel comforted and inspired. I hope you will be less afraid”. From the death of a retired headteacher with motor neurone disease, who manages to squeeze in one last Christmas for his family, to Holly, who asks for her two girls before peacefully passing away, she is right. I was in floods of tears on multiple occasions as I read. But I also learned so, so much, and did, in fact, feel comforted, as I continued through what Mannix calls “a tiny glimpse into a phenomenon that is happening somewhere around us every single day”, which most of us do our best to ignore as much as we can. “Extraordinary and profoundly moving,” said Rowan Williams in the New Statesman; “I would like her to be my compassionate, wise doctor when I lie dying,” said the Observer. A perfect cover, and William Collins says that coverage on BBC Radio 4 and in the Sunday Times Magazine, Sunday Times, Guardian and Daily Mail is confirmed.

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