‘ More time for customer service’

How Stacey Clohessy and Jay Mason, co-owners of two Kütchenhaus stores in the West Midlands, used their 28 years’ experience to build a successful business


purred on by his success of working in the Kütchenhaus head offi ce showroom, Mason decided to go into business with Clohessy, opening their own franchise store in Walsall at the end of 2019. Twelve months on and they have just opened their second showroom in Sutton Coldfi eld. It all started in 2008 when Mason, having been made redundant after the collapse of MFI, was headhunted by Kütchenhaus to run the head offi ce showroom. It was a blessing in disguise, as he explains: “I thought I’d end up working in a DIY shed selling fl at-pack kitchens, and I didn’t want that. I’d become fed up with customer complaints about stock issues with the MFI kitchen range, however when selling the Nobilia range with Kütchenhaus, the issues were minimal. The German brand also had a vast product range, which gave me a greater scope for design and meant I could be proud of my designs.” Clohessy worked with Mason at Kütchenhaus from 2012 to 2016 as assistant manager, having just completed a degree in interior design. Then, after a stint at an independent kitchen company, working with other German suppliers and learning more about the back end of supply, Clohessy came to appreciate the additional benefi ts that Nobilia had over these suppliers. A return to Kütchenhaus was on the cards.

Success breeds success

So, with 28 years’ combined experience between them, Mason and Clohessy opened a new Kütchenhaus showroom in Walsall at the end of 2019. Their experience served them well because the business quickly fl ourished. “With Kütchenhaus taking care of our technical checks, deliveries, and appliance ordering, we could concentrate on the day-to-day running of the showroom,” says Clohessy. “Our fi rst year went exceptionally well, turning over close to three times what we expected, even with all the diffi culties of the pandemic.”

March 2021 ·

There was always talk

of opening a second

showroom when the time was right, and this boom in business kick-started the next phase of the plan. “We stumbled across an ideal location in Sutton Coldfi eld and discussed this with our sales and operations manager from Kütchenhaus, Gary Ward,” explains Clohessy. “We agreed on the location and the business plan, so within 12 months of opening our fi rst showroom, we had the keys to our second.”

Focus on the business

It may seem an obvious choice for both to become franchisees, given Mason and Clohessy’s work history with Kütchenhaus, but Mason says there’s a host of other reasons why the company was the best option. “We believe the product caters to 90% of the market, with kitchens ranging from £5,000 to £50,000. Our success is built on tailoring the design to the customer’s needs and budgetary requirements. We have very few customer issues due to the accuracy of the technical checks and fi rst-class delivery service provided by Kütchenhaus, which gives us more time to concentrate on customer

service and running the business.”

Mason also has advice to anyone out there who is considering a kitchen franchise. “I would recommend Kütchenhaus because the support and guidance provided by the whole team makes the process so much easier to ensure your business succeeds,” he says. “Given our experience with Kütchenhaus, we didn’t necessarily need product training, however the packages available are excellent and are necessary for anybody taking those fi rst steps. We’ve always said that the most important aspect in

selling a

Kütchenhaus kitchen is the knowledge of the product and its versatility. We look forward to the years ahead, working in partnership with Kütchenhaus, and making our franchise a success.”

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