Description: Join a discussion with the manufacturers of large, all-electric school buses that are already on the market or are in development. Learn how the technology is evolving, and what to expect about the predicted range, charging, operation and maintenance. The panel is mod- erated by the alternative fuel writing committee chair for the 2020 National Congress on School Transportation, who also currently operates the largest fleet of electric school buses in the nation.

Addressing the School Bus Driver Shortage  Management & Operations Facilitator: Ryan Hahn Panelists: Chris Ellison, Pam McDonald, Robert Leach & Nicole Portee Description: A panel of transportation directors share the impact that is made by a lack of drivers, plus the strategies that directors have employed to increase retention and recruiting efforts.

School Bus Security Needs, Challenges and Perspectives  Safety & Security Facilitator: Mike Dorn Panelists: Russ Newbold, Daniel Sperry & Josh Rice Description: A panel of student transportation and law enforcement experts share common concerns from man- agement and front-line employees about training needs, in light of today’s security challenges in and around the bus. Those challenges range from the angry parent berating the school bus driver, to an active shooter crisis.

3:30 – 5 P.M. Making Decisions on Implementing Alternative Fuel & Power  Maintenance & Technology Facilitators: John Gonzales & Sandra Loi Panelists: Jeff Clark, Stephen Russell & Joel Stutheit Description: This session begins with an introduction by Sandra Loi of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, on the various funding and research resources that are available to school districts when they have to make deci- sions on adopting alternative fuel or electric power. Her as- sociate, John Gonzales, follows by moderating a grassroots discussion about the real-world operational characteristics of CNG, propane and electric.

Understanding & Embracing a Multi-Generational Workforce  Management & Operations Presenters: Amy Scopac & Kayne Smith Description: As each generation has different expecta- tions, the multi-generational workforce presents a critical challenge for transportation managers. To keep good employees, you must meet their needs and expectations, while understanding what keeps them inspired. Employees’ needs and expectations vary from one person to the next, and one generation to the next. For transportation man- agers, an understanding of the multi-generational working

62 School Transportation News • JULY 2019

behaviors is necessary, in order to handle conflicts, and create an efficient and inclusive workplace. This presenta- tion will address some of the key challenges, which include age, values and communication. The presenters will pro- vide ideas on being effective when dealing with different backgrounds, cultures, expectations and work styles in the modern work place.

Evacuating School Buses in the Case of Fire  Safety & Security Presenters: Denny Coughlin & Freddie Yazzie Description: A classroom presentation sets the scene for an outside exercise that fills a school bus with smoke. The vehicle is equipped with lap-and-shoulder seat belts to illustrate the need for clear policies and training on evac- uating students. It’s especially necessary in the event of a fire, when the vehicle can become engulfed in flames in a matter of only a few minutes.

Trade Show Networking Extravaganza 6 – 8:30 P.M. | Tuscany Ballroom (Food & Drinks)


Keynote Address 9 – 10:30 A.M. The Complacency Conundrum: Why Organizations Fail to Prevent Tragedies Presenter: R. Leslie Nichols Description: As individual adults, we have survival instincts that help us to keep from becoming victims. This is some- times called our “gift of fear.” Yet when we function as part of an organization, it is natural to override those instincts to fit in and comply with organizational priorities and norms. As a result, organizations—which are nothing more than people—often fail to recognize and respond to a threat in the making. They act far too late. This is especially troubling when the organization fails to protect the children that it is designed to serve. But perhaps the problem is the way our organizations understand safety, security and protection, focusing more on the “business” of safety (what people are made to do) and overlooking the “culture” of safety (what people are inspired to do). In this session, consultant and author, Les Nichols, will show us how everyone in the organization—regardless of their role—can be a key part of transforming your organization into a true culture of safety.

10:45 A.M. – 12 Noon Modernizing the School Bus Garage  Maintenance & Technology Facilitator: Joe Scesny Panelists: George Davis, Ryan Hahn, Eric Smith & Bobby Williams A panel of experts discusses what it takes to bring a trans- portation facility into the 21st century, so it can address the latest in vehicle maintenance and employee needs.

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