WORKSHOP DETAILS As of 6/20/19 (Subject to change.) SATURDAY, JULY 27

8:00 A.M. – 5 P.M. NHTSA & School Bus Inspection Training Instructors: Kathy Annekin, Denise Donaldson, David Murphy, Sue Shutrump, Eric Smith & Charlie Vits Description: This eight-hour training seminar that is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminis- tration, teaches the proper securement of pre-school aged children in appropriate child safety restraint systems (CSRS) on school bus seats. It provides the basic rules of proper CSRS use in school buses. The workshop also illustrates the most common mistakes that are made when installing the safety equipment. Safe Kids Worldwide has approved 5.5 continuing education units (CEUs) for all registered attend- ees who complete the course work. *This program requires separate registration and fees. (Max- imum of 50 participants.)

National School Bus Inspection Training Program Instructors: Marshall Casey, Joe Scesny & Bobby Williams Description: STN EXPO launches a program that was de- veloped by school bus maintenance and inspection expert Marshall Casey, to fully train technicians on how to con- duct regular vehicle inspections, above and beyond state and federal Department of Transportation guidance. Learn how to discover more defects prior to failure, which allows for expedited repairs, increased vehicle uptime and a more efficient maintenance program. The program includes eight hours of classroom instruction and a written exam. *This program requires separate registration and fees. (Max- imum of 50 participants.)

12 Noon – 5 P.M. So, You Want to Be a Transportation Supervisor? Presenters: Chris Ellison, Pamela McDonald, Tim Purvis & Alexandra Robinson Description: A panel of student transportation experts provides best practices for attendees who wish to transition into a supervisory role, or who are looking to brush up on skill sets. Topics include: How to provide the best customer service while managing parent and administration expecta- tions; creating, building and molding teams; communication strategies to increase driver and attendant retention and productivity; principles of proper routing and planning; and managing and tracking data to improve your organization.

1 – 5 P.M. Taking the Whole Route: Addressing Behaviors on the Bus without Missing a Stop Presenter: Patrick Mulick Description: The best behavioral intervention one can use is preventing an incident before it happens. But doing so often requires an understanding of what causes it. In this highly engaging four-hour course, board-certified behavior analyst Patrick Mulick will provide a full, in-depth, and re- search-based look at how to support positive behaviors on the bus for all riders. Attendees will learn what causes some

behavior, how to prevent it, and how to react appropriately. Mulick will discuss how this process applies to students with and without disabilities, as well as students who have the potential to fully escalate. This one-of-a-kind course will equip and empower you with the interventions and inspiration that are needed to be successful.


8:00 – 8:30 A.M. Opening General Session – Orientation STN EXPO Staff

8:30 – 8:45 A.M. Peter J. Grandolfo Memorial Award of Excellence Sponsored by

8:45 – 10:15 A.M. Keynote Disruptive Innovation in Student Transportation Presenter: Jim Harris Description: Powerful forces are shaping the $10 trillion global transportation market, and the school bus market is feeling the pressure. Yet, it is an exciting time. From auto- mated vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems, to 5G wireless and the internet of things (IoT), this dynamic and interactive session—led by one of North America’s leading voices on change and leadership—will explore how different trends may affect the student transportation industry.

10:45 – 12 Noon Reducing School Bus Fires Through Proper Inspection & Maintenance  Maintenance & Technology Presenters: Joe Scesny Description: Thermal events onboard school buses are making the news on nearly a daily basis. Join a school bus inspection expert to discuss how proper engine and brake maintenance can avoid fires from starting in the first place. Discover how to stay out of the headlines and keep your students out of harm’s way.

Autism: What It Means to Us, What It Means to Them  Management & Operations Presenter: Patrick Mulick Description: Driving the school bus requires sensitivity training, especially when transporting students who have autism. Discover how these children see and hear the world, the school bus and others, to learn how to best sup- port them and provide service.

Implementing Policies for Lap-and-Shoulder Seat Belts in School Buses  Safety & Security Moderator: Diana Hollander 59

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