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June, 2019

ASM Expands Headquarters in Guadalajara

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Free and Unlimited Training In addition to the demo and con-

ference rooms, the customer area in- cludes a training center with two ded- icated training rooms: one for SIPLACE SMT mounters and anoth- er for DEK printing systems. Each of the training rooms is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and seat- ing for up to ten students. For any customer who owns a


DEK or SIPLACE machine pur- chased from ASM, the company of- fers unlimited training at no cost for scheduled classes in the training center. Courses include DEK process foundation, DEK maintenance, SI - PLACE Pro programming, SI - PLACE Vision and SIPLACE mainte- nance. Customers can even enjoy an espresso or coffee in the comfortable break area.

ASM Process Support Products The newly acquired space has

allowed ASM to reconfigure and re- purpose parts of the existing facility to accommodate an expanding repair area for a variety of machine assem- blies, such as heads and feeders, while enabling the debut of a new business called ASM Process Sup- port Products (PSP). PSP has been a successful part of the ASM SMT business in other geographies for many years, and now, the company is launching this business in Mexico. ASM PSP consists of stencil manu- facturing, consumables and process improvement accessories. To support the launch, ASM has

added laser cutting equipment and skilled personnel for quick-turn manu- facturing of high-quality printer sten- cils. These stencils, or foils, can be mounted on a traditional mesh stencil frame or in a VectorGuard™ inter- changeable, high-tension frame. Supporting the manufacturing


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of stencils, ASM has hired personnel to convert customers’ board data, make the necessary CAD adjust- ments and reductions for a quality print and operate the laser cutting machine to produce the stencil. As a result, the company provides next- day delivery of stencils anywhere in Mexico, and for some customers, same-day stencil turnaround. A unique technology offering of

the ASM stencil is the use of ASM Process Expert to verify the stencil’s design prior to manufacturing. ASM Process Expert contains intelligent software called DFM Health-Check, which allows the user to import the final stencil Gerber layer before the stencil is cut. The user then inputs other

process-specific parameters, such as paste type, squeegee size and tooling type, among others, and ASM’s Process Expert software simulates a print using the current stencil Ger- ber data and parameters. Based on years of DEK process

knowledge and other industry-stan- dard design rules, the software ana- lyzes the stencil apertures to deter- mine any potential issues that may arise during the printing process. It then recommends the correct paste type and process parameters for the stencil design. ASM can inform the customer of any predicted issues with the design before stencil manu- facturing — a truly unique value

proposition for a stencil manufactur- er. When the stencil is shipped, the company provides the customer with a printed report detailing all of the design parameters. Additional ASM process-en-

Filemon Hernandez, ASM applica- tions engineer, teaches a class about proper equipment maintenance.

hancing PSP offerings include con- sumables, such as the ultra-fine- pitch Eco understencil cleaning pa- per rolls and ProDEK solvent, which are compatible with any type of printer. “ASM Assembly Systems is

making a very solid investment for current and future support require- ments in Mexico. Our training center and demo equipment expansion in Guadalajara allows us to provide cus- tomers with the best service and training — in local language — and with the latest ASM equipment and technologies,” says Takahashi. “All of this capability, broad product selec- tion and technical expertise are pro- vided directly from our Guadalajara operation for local support of cus- tomers in this important region.” Contact: ASM Assembly

Systems, Av. Periferico Sur 7980 int 3B, Col. Neuva Sta. Maria, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, 45530, Mexico % +52-33-3884-1932 Web: r

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electronics identification solutions. BTU International showed its

new, award-winning Aqua Scrub flux management technology, and Profile Guardian redundant monitoring sys- tem. Aqua Scrub technology is BTU’s next-generation solder reflow flux management system, designed to de- crease operational cost by 4X over traditional condensation systems. Cepter highlighted its cleaning

machines for PCB assembly, mis- prints and stencils, and Indium Cor- poration showcased solder products for high-reliability applications, in- cluding Indium8.9HF solder paste, which exceeds all requirements for higher electronical reliability and has been approved for use in numer- ous automotive applications. Last, but certainly not least, YXLON part- nered with ViTrox to showcase the Cheetah Evo solution, a scalable X- ray inspection system. Excitement for the 2020 show is

already ramping. Next year’s event, which will take place from May 5 to 7, 2020, at the same venue, will focus on “manufacturing together” and will provide an ideal setting for sharing ideas within the electronics communi- ty, developing tailored solutions for electronic assemblies and systems, laying the groundwork for business deals, and honing expertise. Web: r

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