MUDD BRAND Building Adhesives Ltd, the tiling specialist with a heritage stretching across more than 50 years, has proudly announced the launch of its new brand, MUDD.

The new brand consists of a range of hard-working products to see you right through the installation, from prepping and waterproofing, to fixing, grouting and sealing.

The MUDD name itself has a knowing nod to the industry’s heritage of fixing techniques, but this brand is firmly developed for the current market.

The basic materials used in the tiling industry in the last century have traditionally been Portland cement


WITH NEW APPOINTMENT To help with its continued expansion, Liverpool-based Palace Chemicals is to ‘take to the road’ with the appointment of Gary Knowles in a new role as Technical Sales Manager.

Palace Chemicals has offered a high level of technical support to its customers throughout its 40-year history as a manufacturer of tile adhesives and building products in the UK – and, as a man who brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge, Gary is a very natural fit.

Having previously run his own tiling business, 52-year-old Gary from Ashford, Surrey, has more than 25 years of experience. Gary is an expert in Bisazza mosaic tiles, having been trained in Italy, and has experience as a Product Support Technician and Site Support Manager with responsibility for product support teams and specification writing with Building Adhesives Limited and Tremco Illbruck.

Due to the popularity of Palace’s Flooring Range and increased demand for both Palace and Laticrete Tiling Ranges, Gary’s new

— 06 —

role will be to add to the success of the current Technical Team by offering focused site support nationally, as well as engaging with contract and retail customers in and around the West London area.

Gary said: “I am very excited to take up this new role with Palace Chemicals, as part of its ongoing 2020 growth strategy. I’m really looking forward to hitting the road with my experience and helping our customer base.

“Working with both the Palace and Laticrete brands, servicing

existing and new customers, I will be working closely with fixers and tiling contractors to provide the site support, training and M40 specifications needed, as well as undertaking trade and training events for our distributors and partners.”

Charles Clapham, Palace Chemicals Managing Director, said: “We’re proud to welcome Gary on board. I’m sure our customers will appreciate his drive and professionalism as Palace continues to build on over 40 years of success.”

and sand. They are used to make the mortar to form the mud beds for tiled flooring and walls. Portland cement was also the adhesive used to hold the tiles in place.

“Mud-set” or “Mud-bed” are terms used for a three-quarter inch Portland cement and mason sand subsurface for ceramic, porcelain and residential tile flooring. It is usually used to attach tile or stone residential tile flooring to surfaces such as cement or concrete.

MUDD’s product range includes cement-based adhesives, ready- mixed adhesives, grouts, preparation

products, including waterproofing and levellers, and sealants which are all simple to select and simple to use.

MUDD is available now from retailers across the country and comes with a 10-year guarantee on each product, giving fixers and retailers peace of mind that the products will do the job properly with no kick-backs.

Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing at Building Adhesives Ltd, said: “MUDD is something completely different. A new name, a new range of products, a brand that zigs while others zag.

“Visit to find out about our product range, and either request to be an exclusive retailer in your area, or fixers can register for the MUDD newsletter.”

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