COVER STORY RAISING THE BAL, specialist for full tiling solutions, is revolutionising the standard-set category w

Fixers always want to finish an installation as quickly as possible, often opting for rapid-setting adhesives to ensure grouting can begin quickly. However, this can come with challenges during installation.

With larger tiles constantly growing in popularity, complex designs required, the possibility of difficult or irregular backgrounds on-site and even hotter temperatures being experienced now in the summer months; the use of a rapid-set adhesive does not provide enough open, working or adjustability time for a fixer.

With its ‘One’ rapid-set technology, BAL has previously helped fixers with rapid-setting products that provide significantly longer open and working times than all other rapid-set products but are still ready to grout in three hours.

The UK market has seen other ‘semi-rapid’ products also launched, which are essentially based on over-retarded rapid-set formulations. However, the new BAL technology is the first truly enhanced standard-set technology - developed from traditional standard-set chemistry as a basis.

When traditional rapid-set chemistry is retarded to get a longer open and working time, there is a limit on how much the cement chemistry can be retarded before strength development is adversely affected.

Heavily retarded rapid-sets may also have performance limitations or suffer in on-site conditions where the required working and open times may not be achieved, as the product increases in viscosity and application becomes more difficult.

Long open and working time performance will always be achieved more consistently using a standard set adhesive, or a product using this chemistry as a basis.

In response to customer demand, BAL’s R&D team has developed two enhanced standard set adhesives with a long open time, excellent non-slip properties and may be grouted in as little as 4-6 hours- a first for the adhesive manufacturer.

Available from 1st May, the new technology, BAL Flex

One and BAL Flex Fibre Plus, provides a truly innovative technology that raises the standard.

Set Your Own Pace

BAL Flex One and BAL Flex Fibre Plus give fixers longer working and open times, but set faster to allow for quicker grouting.

Outperforming “semi-rapid” products with an excellent 2.5 to 3 hour working time and a 45 to 60-minute open time, means more time to fix in hotter conditions (and less wastage in buckets), more time to adjust larger tiles, and more time when working on particularly complex installations.

From a four to six hour set time, the new adhesives allow fixers to grout in the evening or early the next day –

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