HOTEL & SPA PEACE AND T The experts from commercial tiling specialist Designworks Tiles discuss the many fea

Hotel pools and spas are typically known for evoking feelings of relaxation and serenity. Guests visit these spaces to unwind, de-stress and enjoy the harmonious peace that such settings have to offer. Therefore, when it comes to the design of such spaces, it’s imperative that the chosen scheme creates the desired calming atmosphere.

Some may say that accessories such as candles, foliage or lavish furniture are the key to generating ambience. Although the aforementioned things certainly contribute, we believe that tiles can often be the pinnacle feature within a pool or spa setting.

Natural Accents

Due to significant advancements in tile printing technology, wet areas in both commercial and domestic settings can now embrace the ‘au naturel’ look with slip-resistant wood-and-stone-effect tiles. Rustic, earthy décor is commonly used when creating these calming spaces due to their connection with nature, and many pools and spas are now incorporating natural elements to create the feel of a tranquil haven.

Designworks Tiles offers an extensive range of both wood-effect and stone-effect tiles, all of which are incredibly realistic, available in a variety of colourways and suitable for wet walls and floors. There is also no compromise with safety as all products offer a slip- resistant finish, ensuring they’re practical for pool and spa settings. What’s more, with Designworks offering bespoke poolside grills, as well as a tailored cutting service where tiles can be supplied in an array of wonderful shapes, utilising tiles for atmospheric purpose has never been more opportune.

Feature Walls

Whether the objective is to create a serene scene or deliver wow-factor with a design statement; pools and spas will always benefit visually with the incorporation of feature walls. The Designworks Tiles Ultimate Pool & Spa brochure has a section dedicated entirely to feature products, simply because of the strong impact that dramatic tiles are able to bring to a luxury poolside or spa setting.

Build upon the eclectic, calming vibe with large-format tiles that display stone, marble or metallic-effects. For a more contemporary approach, try a 3D textured ceramic, such as Designworks’ marble-effect hexagonal tiles, for an opulent twist.

It’s not always about what’s on the outside. When it comes to designing a pool, there’s real opportunity to utilise this space and experiment with glass mosaic tiles that offer something different, as opposed to a standard turquoise hue. With the number of options available, a great variety of looks to complement various moods can be easily established. Choose red, yellow and orange colourways to

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create a warming, friendly atmosphere. Alternatively, you could take these tones a step further by opting for a gold metallic effect which glistens under lighting to provide a sophisticated, sumptuous vibe.

To create an utterly unique ambience, Designworks also offer their ‘Fosfo’ collection which features stunning glow-in-the-dark mosaics. Available in a scattered format, these tiles can conjure a serene, night sky effect, or for a true spectacle; install in full sheets for a full-on light show.

Should you wish to continue the organic theme, choose mosaics which mimic natural stone, marble or wood, such as the ‘Zen’ range by Designworks. If you’re looking to provide an atmosphere with a sense of balance and harmony, mosaics which are inspired by raw materials are naturally the way forward.

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