COVER STORY E STANDARD with new adhesive technology. Here, we discover more about its rapid-set ranges…

significantly cutting down installation time compared to traditional standard setting products that require up to 24 hours to set!

A True All-Rounder Highly flexible with S1 deformability, the adhesives are suitable for use with all tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, marble, mosaics, terrazzo, brick slips and uncalibrated stone.

Freedom to Perform

Fixer friendly, BAL’s new standard set technology also provides outstanding usability – helping to overcome the many obstacles faced by fixers on a modern project.

With bed depths of 15mm and 20mm for standard sets, the formulations help fixers to overcome background irregularities where isolated building out may be required.

What’s more, it utilises technology first developed by BAL including super smooth gel rheology, a thixotropic formulation with shape memory, and full wettability where there is no need to adjust the water content to get the full performance benefits.

The new adhesives also have superb non-slip performance, easily exceeding the requirements of EN 12004 for “T” rated adhesives.

Designed for use in both interior and exterior applications and in dry and wet environments, the adhesives are particularly recommended for large-format wall and floor tiles and can be used for swimming pools and total immersion and showers.

The flexibility of the products means that BAL Flex One and BAL Flex Fibre Plus can be used on installations subject to limited movement and vibration, plus underfloor heating, including heated subfloors, electric cable and piped systems.

Excellent grab means that it can be used on existing unglazed ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo and most natural stone – even on walls. Just ensure that these are firmly bonded and cut out and that any hollow/defective areas are corrected beforehand.

The adhesives are white in colour, meaning that only one bag is needed whether you’re tiling with natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Total Support

As well as a truly innovative product, fixers also benefit from BAL’s written guarantee. They won’t let you down, giving you peace of mind that your tiling will last the test of time.

What’s more, fixers and contractors can rely on BAL for expert advice every step of the way. BAL’s free Technical Advisory Service can be trusted to come up with solution whenever it is needed.

Plus, BAL also has a Training and Technical Support Team that can offer on-site consultancy, training and advice for your project. As ex-fixers themselves, they are perfectly placed to answer any of your queries, whether it is product related or general tiling advice.

If you require a Specification, BAL’s Specification Support Team can provide free written M20/M40 NBS specifications plus full project advisory from start to finish – ensuring your tiling projects runs smoothly.

Full System Solution

Whatever the project, BAL can provide a full system for tiling including waterproofing, levelling, preparation – including uncoupling, adhesives, grout, sealants and external tiling systems. — 11 —

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