Effective hand hygiene is the single most important way to prevent the spread of bacteria, so ensuring that people are encouraged to use the washroom through innovative and inclusive equipment is vital to Airdri.

We all know that proper hand hygiene is the key to stopping the spread of germs and infections, however, surprisingly it seems that not everyone takes this simple measure seriously.

Although it sounds like a straight-forward process, hand washing is often overlooked, with many people unaware of the proper procedures to wash and dry their hands effectively. In fact, according to research by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 84% of adults in the UK do not wash their hands for long enough to effectively remove germs, meaning there is a job to be done in promoting hand hygiene. Added to this, if people don’t dry their hands properly after washing, bacteria can easily spread amongst damp hands.

users and those using walking aids. Therefore, selecting a wall-mounted hand dryer, with a slim profile, such as the Airdri Quazar or the Quantum - two of Airdri’s ADA compliant units, can remove the risk of colliding with large, obtrusive equipment.

Built to last Durability is fundamental when investing in equipment for high traffic areas. You need a product that will go the distance, as well as deliver an effective service. Sustainable hand dryers should be reliable. After all, longevity is a significant consideration when making a purchasing decision. Not only does a durable hand dryer keep running costs to a minimum, it also reduces the number of dryers sent to landfill.

“According to research by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 84% of adults in the UK do not wash their

hands for long enough to effectively remove germs.”

Ensuring that a washroom encourages healthy hand hygiene is incredibly important, and there are some great educational resources available. But this must be supported by the right environment. In short, making the washroom an inviting and inclusive space is key, so when it comes to designing or refurbishing a washroom, careful consideration should be given to the end user, particularly when selecting equipment and facilities. Here are some key factors to bear in mind:

The all-important first impression The washroom is often the first facility a guest uses when visiting a company’s premises, so ensuring it gives the right impression is vital. An unclean or cluttered washroom can leave a negative impression on the overall business. As well as maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, consideration should be given to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Keep surfaces streamlined and clutter-free to keep maintenance to a minimum. Also consider the space available. If it is limited, slim, wall mounted products that do not protrude can keep lower-wall and floor space free. Not only does this give the illusion of more space, it also makes the washroom more accessible to those with mobility requirements. Manoeuvring around bulky equipment can be especially problematic for wheelchair


This is a quality that we have committed to improving over the past four decades. Eliminating problems relating to the wear and tear of motor brushes, by using the latest motor technology, means that, on average, Airdri hand dryers have a lifespan of around 6,000 hours – six times longer than that of other similar, fast dry models. In fact, when placed on lifecycle testing, the Quantum jet dryer lasts for over 10,000 hours. With most other popular jet dryer units only lasting for approximately 1,000 hours, the Airdri Quantum represents a very significant saving in both running costs and environmental impact.

Keep the noise down A range of social issues need to be taken into account when purchasing hand dryers, including the environmental impact of noise. The sound of a hand dryer when in use in an enclosed tiled environment, can be disturbing. It can put immense pressure on the eardrums and cause significant discomfort, particularly for hearing aid wearers and dementia sufferers.

“Not only does a durable hand dryer keep running costs to a

minimum, it also reduces the number of dryers sent to landfill.”

With over 45 years’ experience in hand dryer design and manufacture, we understand that high-speed, noisy dryers can often leave people feeling intimidated, discouraging them from using the washroom facilities. That is why we have created some of the quietest, most effective hand dryers on the market.

In fact, Airdri was the first-hand dryer manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Quiet Mark; a seal of approval from

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