SUPRA UK Stand K14

Supra UK will be showcasing its range of access solutions at this year’s Health+ Care show.

During the two-day event, visitors to the show will be able to witness firsthand the products Supra UK has to offer and meet its team of experts to discuss the care and security options available.

One product the company will be showcasing is the WIWE, which uses a unique intelligent algorithm that evaluates the properties of the ECG wave to calculate if there is a risk of Atrial Fibrillation related stroke and sudden cardiac arrests (SCA). The handheld device is designed for personal use and allows remote patient monitoring with the opportunity for results to be sent to a GP or specialist when further analysis is required.

Another solution that visitors to the show will be able to view is the leading Supra C500 KeySafe. The key safe



Cleaning teams in hospitals and care homes under pressure to deliver both clinical cleanliness and value for money have a solution when it comes to floorcare.

The combination of hygienic results and high efficiency makes the Multiwash scrubber dryer from Truvox an indispensable ally in many healthcare settings.

This Truvox International range dispenses only clean solution, while washing, mopping, scrubbing and drying floors in one operation. The Multiwash not only has the versatility to clean a wide range of hard floors, from vinyl to marble, it also takes short- pile carpets, entrance matting and escalators in its stride.

Other challenging surfaces – such as safety flooring and the grout lines in

provides a secure method of externally storing keys to a property and allows anyone who has regular authorised visitors to the home, such as carers, nurses or family members, to provide safe and secure access. This means individuals no longer have to answer the door to strangers and the code needed to access the keys can be changed at any time to ensure further peace of mind.

Nicola Parsons, Head of Marketing for Supra UK, commented: “We are thrilled to be a part of Health+ Care this year. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our current and new products and how they can save an endless amount of time and resources for health professionals and family members.”

Also available on the stand is Supra UK’s Care@Home Family Safe package, which allows a tailored care solution for your loved ones. The advanced interface gives family members peace of mind and their relatives the ability to continue to live at home independently. The package can be tailored to suit

your needs, creating a smart home monitoring solution that doesn't intrude into your loved ones' privacy.

Finally, the One Touch Pendant, a personal monitoring system, will be on stand for visitors to the show to experience firsthand. Unlike many traditional services, this product allows the wearer to travel outside of their home. It operates using a roaming SIM and allows the end user to alert up to three contacts in the event of an emergency and activates a two-way conversation with the responder, who can warn relevant family members or care professionals.

tiled floors – are cleaned thoroughly too thanks to the Multiwash’s high- pressure, counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. And both water and chemical consumption are frugal.

The easy efficiency of the Multiwash range allows cleaning staff to scrub large areas of flooring in a routine cleaning shiſt. Floors are safe to walk on in minutes. In its cordless form – the 340/Pump Battery – the Multiwash enables trip-free, ultra-quiet cleaning around patients and staff at any time of day or night. Each charge of the lithium-ion battery powers 50 minutes of continuous operation.

Known for the high build quality and ergonomic design of its floor cleaning equipment, Truvox International also manufactures the wide Orbis range of rotaries for burnishing and maintaining hard floors, as well as upright, tub and backpack vacuums – including the industry’s first cordless upright, the VBU (Valet Battery Upright). - 37 -

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