has to do is install the latest version of the soſtware and learn how to use it. This technology therefore provides a cost-effective solution for businesses and has played an integral role in the transformation of many businesses across industries over the last decade.

John Coldicutt, Chief Marketing Officer at soſtware company Planday, explained: “All too oſten, the usual methods of employee management are either paper based or use Excel, which need to be constantly manually updated and can prove extremely unreliable. Manual systems also create a nightmare for HR teams who need to prove their compliance with the most up-to-date laws and policies. Budgets and time are oſten very tight in the care sector, and many homes think that upgrading and modernising their technology to provide an integrated solution is simply out of reach, either because it would be too expensive or complicated to implement. This is really not the case.”

Planday works with a number of care homes across the UK to provide employee scheduling soſtware for businesses with hourly workers, allowing managers and staff to create schedules, track hours and trade shiſts anywhere from their mobile phone. The Planday app ensures that staff can instantly clock in and out for shiſts, all changes are instantly updated centrally and corresponding salary changes are also recorded automatically, preventing reconciliation concerns at the end of the month.

John continued: “Planday was set up specifically with small and medium businesses in mind, like care homes, to provide a one-stop solution for shiſt management, pay, staff traceability and reporting. “Our customers save, on average, seven hours of admin time per week and an eighth of the time they had spent previously on scheduling by using Planday, freeing up time and budget for essential care staff. Our solution not only helps the care home management take that all-important step forward towards automating and streamlining as many processes as possible, but it also helps the hard-working shiſt staff have a greater sense of control over their lives.”

TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION A group of four care homes across Scotland, Avondale Care, invested in Planday technology last year and have already noticed the benefits it’s made to their small but growing company.

The Director of Avondale Care, Adrian Hendry, commented: “We are a forward-thinking company, always looking for the next innovation to help the care industry. I was already aware of cloud-based solutions for staff management systems, so I wanted to find out more aſter I saw a Planday advert. From a managerial perspective, Planday provides more transparency as everything can be done electronically and quickly. Any contract or policy changes that need to be made can be implemented simply through the system and everyone has sight of it. This in turn helps us with employee satisfaction, as all parties are aware of any changes to either day-to-day shiſts, or larger scale business changes.”

Sam, a shiſt-worker at Avondale has noted a real difference since using the soſtware, said: “Planday has been a great introduction to Avondale, I’m able to see all my shiſts at any time and no longer have to take a note of them which I invariably lost. I can pick up extra shiſts, swap shiſts and request holidays easily and I can communicate with my team effectively. It’s night and day to the old system a real improvement and all the staff love it.”

Adrian added: “Not only has it helped maintain the smooth running of the homes, the cloud-based technology has motivated us to become a completely paperless business in the future, moving all processes online.

“I would definitely recommend Planday to any care homes looking to digitally upgrade their system and help the care industry to catch up with technology. Ultimately, a well-run care home will mean happier staff who are more likely to serve your customers better and stay with you for longer to enable you to help more people.”

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