COVER STORY Personalised Paperless Planning

We hear from a home care business manager on how digital care planning soſtware, Zuri, has helped the company to achieve a personalised approach to care management, whilst remaining in-line with the new GDPR requirements.

Keeping client data safe and secure is a primary concern for all care providers, and the seemingly daunting task of becoming compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on the 25th

of May this year, was

a worry for many domiciliary home care managers, such as Clare from Nurse On-Call in Jersey.

Clare Burchell, a registered nurse and manager of domiciliary home care business Nurse On-Call Ltd, which runs two home care agencies, was looking to move from paper-based client records to electronic records but was concerned about the looming GDPR deadline and the need to find a solution that would address all the care management challenges whilst maintaining the utmost security of her client’s sensitive information.

Clare implemented Zuri, the mobile, web-based care management solution developed by Care Soſtware Solutions, as it was the most comprehensive end-to-end solution she trialled.

Explaining that she was initially drawn to Zuri for its personalised digital care planning, Claire said: “Person- centred care is at the heart of our business, and we needed a solution that would allow our carers to do their jobs more efficiently, spending less time documenting and more time on what is important – caring for their clients. I needed a solution that would allow me to securely manage and personalise my client care planning and monitor care delivery remotely – Zuri was the perfect solution.”

What Clare didn’t realise was that, as well as solving her care management requirements, Zuri would solve her GDPR compliance needs without her needing to liſt a finger.

For Nurse On-Call, it is essential that a soſtware system is secure by design and, as the data controller for Nurse On-Call, Zuri is processing highly-sensitive health data and personal information that needs to not only protect clients and their carers, but comply with regulation requirements. Zuri does this by hosting data on secure servers, and most importantly, records and databases are secured and encrypted.

“When we were still using paper client files, loss, damage and unauthorised access to client information was always a concern as the file could technically have been accessed by anyone who entered the client’s home. I spent a great deal of time physically driving to client’s houses to update care plans and check on care records.

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“I can now access all our client’s records, create updates remotely and communicate with and support my staff instantly through the platform in the knowledge that my data is safe,” Clare added.

Zuri uses Galaxkey to protect all communications, sharing and stored data through access control and advanced encryption platforms. Nurse On-Call can assure their clients that their data is secured both on the back end of the system and at the front end where data breaches are more likely to occur. All staff devices are password protected with password rules, two-factor and fingerprint authentication on smartphones and tablets. Their clients are also assured that their individual rights are upheld, and they can gain access to the system through the Zuri “Family Portal” to stay informed of their records from anywhere at any time.

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