VINYL FLOORING RANGE AKW, a provider of accessibility solutions, has expanded its anti-slip vinyl flooring range due to popular demand.

AKW’s expanded and improved range of safety flooring comes in a wide variety of contemporary colours and provides a high level of slip resistance in a bathroom adaptation. The design of this durable safety flooring has been especially developed to address factors that raise the risk of falls in the bathroom, such as slip resistance, visual contrast and texture.

Suitable for wet rooms as well as other bathroom adaptations, the flooring range conforms to both HSE and International standards. AKW Safety Flooring has achieved the highest slip-resistance rating for barefoot users in wet and soapy environments. In fact, its Pendulum Test Value (PTV) exceeds wet room requirement standards, providing complete peace of mind for end users. The flooring is also watertight, long- lasting with slip resistance for a minimum of 10 years, and easy to clean.

The eight colour options available in the range have been chosen based on their popularity with customers. Importantly, the safety flooring has been specifically designed so it does not contain any large speckles, as these can be interpreted as pieces of dirt by those with dementia, potentially resulting in the bathroom user attempting to pick them up and increasing the risk of fall.


HOSPITAL CAPACITY NHS partnership Health Call is rolling out a new digital outpatients service to connect clinicians with patients at home and minimise the need to attend hospital appointments in person during the pandemic.

Powered by Inhealthcare, the new video conferencing service allows for better communications between healthcare professionals and people living with long-term conditions.

It will help hospitals build capacity in outpatient services and reduce the number of unnecessary nurse visits to care homes, lowering the risk of spreading coronavirus infections.

The service integrates directly with hospital patient administration systems and books appointments, delivers reminders, records attendances, distributes and gathers patient questionnaires and shares outcome forms with electronic patient records.

Patients have a choice of communication channels including mobile app, web browser, text message or telephone landline, depending on individual preference.

Andrew Izon, Director of Health Call and Chief Information Officer at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The NHS embraced video conferencing at the onset of coronavirus but early services lacked functions to make life easier for users, whether patients or professionals.

“The digital outpatients service builds on the success of video conferencing with an all-encompassing approach to help hospitals meet outpatient demand and catch up on the growing backlog of cancelled or delayed appointments.

“Our team of digital health specialists have created a service which is intuitive to use, enables the sharing of real-time data and improves quality of life by helping patients to manage their health, their way.”

Bryn Sage, Chief Executive of Inhealthcare, said: “This service is a great example of how our remote monitoring technology can be applied to the big challenges facing the NHS and we look forward to seeing it embraced by hospital trusts across England.” - 6 -

AKW’s safety flooring range is 2m wide and can be cut to order in incremental lengths of 0.5m or ordered in rolls. Alongside this cut-to-order service, AKW is also offering installers a range of other products for fitting the flooring on screeded, concrete and wooden floors. These include a range of profiles and trims, levelling compound, latex liquid, flooring and contact adhesive and floor colour matching weld rods.

Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW, commented: “The new anti-slip flooring is one of the key product ranges in our AKW One offering, which we continually expand to make installers’ and specifiers’ lives easier. Furthermore, consumers can choose from eight contemporary colours which reflect current trends and are sure to complement a range of style preferences.”

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