FOR NHS NIGHTINGALE LONDON Cleaning technology provider Kärcher and its specialised cleaning equipment hire company, Clean Sweep, worked with global FM provider, ISS Healthcare at NHS Nightingale London to provide all-important professional cleaning equipment to the frontline fight against COVID-19.

With the added obstacles of lockdown, social distancing and a rigid health and safety protocol on-site, Kärcher and Clean Sweep were unable to do their usual formulaic on-site survey at NHS Nightingale London to create a tailored equipment plan. The process was, therefore, delivered virtually by Kärcher and ISS, to ensure that the correct machines were selected from Kärcher’s vast range.

Timing was key for ISS, with speed of turnaround being a massive factor in a successful set-up for the site. Kärcher and Clean Sweep were able to deliver the essential equipment to the Nightingale hospital within 24 hours of ordering, along with a special arrangement on fees to support this essential programme.

The project required equipment that is used for regular, ongoing cleaning of the external walkways, car park and public thoroughfares. Several Kärcher products were selected for their speed, efficiency and hygiene, including two large ride-on scrubber dryers to tackle the large public thoroughfares throughout the hospital and the strict time constraints. The highly versatile and effective Kärcher Road Sweeper was also selected to tackle external debris in the car park and external walkways.


PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, 2020 has seen some positives for cleaning products manufacturer Greyland, its CEO Richard Dyson has reported.

As with most companies, the year has been challenging for Greyland to say the least. However, continuous investment in production equipment, together with forward-planning, innovation and efficiencies, and a rapid reaction to customer demand, has helped the company to stave

off the worst of the effects of the virus-induced lockdown and subsequent downturn.

Greyland launched the Maximum Eco environmental range in March, the first comprehensive product line of its kind that includes not only a UK-sourced Probiotic Enzymes

Kärcher Key Account Manager for ISS UK, Gary Myers, stated: "Having worked with ISS UK for a number of years, Kärcher UK Ltd has an understanding of the pressures and constraints ISS Healthcare operates under, our objective is to be available, through our network of specialists, to deliver the correct solution for the task at hand. This is demonstrated by the quick turnaround, correct application, follow-up training and service support on this project.”

ISS Healthcare Site Manager at NHS Nightingale London, Shannon Simpson, said: “When ISS was invited to provide the essential services to NHS Nightingale London, we needed to move fast and this meant working with our long-term suppliers that we could depend upon. Kärcher were there when we needed them with the right equipment and training to get our Healthcare Cleaning team supporting the NHS.”

Kärcher and ISS began working with the NHS many years ago and this relationship has stayed strong due to Kärcher’s rigorous induction processes. Both companies stay in regular contact and ensure that all equipment hired and /or purchased via ISS is always performing to the highest standard.

range, but also a water-based range as well. The company also successfully passed CHSA-accreditation for its new Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers Scheme this summer and increased the amount of recycled polymer in its bottles to an unprecedented 40% in the UK. Topping this off, Greyland has now revealed it is on track to have sold over £1 million worth of its new one-minute coronavirus-fighting Spray and Wipe Ultra by Christmas.

Ready to use and food-safe, it was only launched on restricted sale in April this year, but has been a sales phenomenon ever since, primarily due to its one-minute effective kill time.

Spray & Wipe Ultra is an aldehyde-free, high-performance disinfectant and, thus, is an essential product in the fight against cross-infection in hospitals, care homes, schools, leisure centres and sports facilities, hotels and all workplaces.

Launching now due to high demand is a perfumed 50:1 concentrate, Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 formulated to clean, disinfect, deodorise and descale many surfaces in high-traffic washrooms. Effective against a wide spectrum of micro- organisms, including E-coli and coronaviruses, large sales are expected for Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 very quickly too.

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