Care Planning and Management: Product Spotlight

We take a look at some of the latest developments in care planning and management tools.

NEW FAMILY MODULE ADDED TO CARE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Log my Care has launched a new Family Module, designed to help keep family and friends up-to-date with the care being provided to their loved ones, especially during periods of lockdown and visiting restrictions.

The new module is an add-on to Log my Care’s existing care home management soſtware, currently used by thousands of care staff around the UK to log care notes and create care plans. Care staff will now be able to give families customised access to information about their loved ones, updated in real- time. Through Log my Care’s secure portal, care managers can invite relatives to download the Family version of Log my Care. Care teams can then select and build a customised list of types of information to share that is appropriate for the individual service user, for example; activity logs, fluid intake, medication notes, care plans and even photos. Carers also have the option to add additional notes created specifically for family members as a ‘Family Update’.

Limits on visiting as a result of the pandemic have been heart-breaking for so many families. Whilst there is nothing that can truly replace face-to-face contact, the new module is designed to be a further step in enabling families to keep in touch.

Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care, commented: “The new Family Module has always been a planned part of Log my Care’s development, but the pandemic has accelerated that need. We can expect restrictions to continue for some time, to vary by area, and to change with relatively short notice over the coming months. Having this app in place will enable care settings to be well-placed to deal with a changing and unpredictable situation.

“The benefits of the Family App go both ways. Families can stay better informed about their loved one’s care. But it is also a way for care teams to demonstrate with confidence the high standard of care they are providing. Relatives naturally want to be kept informed about loved ones, but fielding calls and emails when visits are not allowed can put further pressure on staff. The Family Module makes information available 24/7.”

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Before today’s wider launch, the new family module has been trialled by a small number of care home managers who are already seeing its advantages.

Aaron Rixon, Care Manager at Sunshine Cares, commented: “We had a family member who used to love to go and check all of our paperwork all of the time, but obviously we stopped all of the paperwork when we went digital. Now, she’s thrilled because she can keep an eye on things with the Family App. She has no problems or issues at all using the app. The carers’ lives are so much easier. All of our staff absolutely love it.”

Trudy Dance, family member of a care home resident, commented: “I have found the Family App really useful to stay up-to-date with how my mum is doing.

“I log on every day to see whether the doctor has visited and seeing pictures of mum on the timeline really brightens my day. It also saves me having to ring the home so oſten to check how she is.”

Log my Care is a fast-growing provider of care management soſtware in the UK. The core system of Log my Care, plus all of its Coronavirus tracking tools, are completely free to use for all registered UK care providers. Several optional premium modules with enhanced features are also available for a monthly subscription. The Family Module is available for free for the first 30 days, and then either billed directly to families at £9.99 including VAT per month or to care services directly from £20+VAT per month.

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