TO SUPPORT ADOPTIVE PARENTS Chroma, UK provider of arts therapy services, partnered with relationships charity Relate to deliver additional counselling for adoptive parents whose children were already accessing Chroma’s creative arts therapies via the Adoption Support Fund.

The pilot, which offered counselling support to families as they adjusted to life post-adoption, initially ran for six months, but its success meant it was able to continue for a further six months. The sessions offered a confidential and supportive environment to talk through any issues the parent or parents were experiencing. Approximately 55 sessions took place via webcam, which meant they were able to continue when the UK went into the first lockdown. By working together, Relate and Chroma were able to be responsive to the needs of the entire adoptive family, including the parents.

Chroma works closely with over 45 local authority post- adoption services and uses music, art and drama therapy to enhance parent/child bonding, strengthen family relationships, reduce anxiety and aggression and support children’s development.

Couples and single parents accessed the service to overcome issues such as coping with their behaviour, communication,


managing conflict, rows and arguments, other people’s behaviour, managing leisure time, disagreements about parenting and problems with children.

Evaluation of the pilot showed that users reported feeling more confident about their lives and better able to cope with difficulties they may face in the future. Every service user said they would come back to Relate if future problems arose and that they would recommend Relate to others to help repair relationship issues.

One user commented: “Coming to Relate and talking with a counsellor has helped me learn about myself, to value myself and actually start to find me, I’m much calmer and less stressed now.”

Sarah Casemore, Director of Operations at Relate, said: “We’re happy to have partnered with Chroma to provide counselling to adoptive parents.

“A significant outcome of the pilot is that all parents involved have benefited from the experience and have leſt with a positive mental outlook towards their lives going forward. As a result, we are hoping to expand this service to offer more support to adoptive families as a way for them to work through the emotional side of things and better deal with relationship issues.”

Daniel Thomas, Managing Director at Chroma, added: “We are delighted that our partnership with Relate has delivered such great results. At the end of the day, happy children plus happy parents equal a contented family unit - which is essentially what we want to achieve.”

interview the entrants and select those to be exhibited at the Innovation Showcase itself, taking place at the London Cleaning Show scheduled for 16th

-18th March 2021.

To be eligible, the product, service or initiative must have been launched since the 1st

January 2020 and may be applicable to

any area of the cleaning industry. The deadline for entries is 31st

December 2020. The Showcase will have an entry fee of

£250, refundable to those entries who do not proceed to the three-day Innovation Showcase.

The Cleaning Support Services Association (CSSA) is on the hunt to find innovative products, services and initiatives for the CSSA 2021 Innovation Showcase.

The Innovation Showcase is again backed by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), which is sponsoring the event.

Businesses and organisations operating throughout the cleaning industry are invited to enter their innovative products, services and initiatives. An ’Innovators Pitch’ panel of industry experts and representatives will review and

The ‘Innovators Pitch’ Panel, which will include representatives from the CSSA and CHSA, will take place around mid-January 2021 and the Innovation Showcase itself will take place over the three days of The London Cleaning Show at London ExCel.

Lorcan Mekitarian, Chairman of the CHSA, said: “The CSSA’s Innovation Showcase is a superb way to celebrate some of the best ideas being generated in the industry and so we are delighted to back this initiative again. Our members continually innovate, helping their customers address some of the big issues facing the sector, including environmental challenges, as evidenced by the number of our members amongst those who participated in previous CSSA Innovation Showcases. We are looking forward to seeing the entries and putting them through their paces at the Innovators Pitch!” - 13 -

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