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Slips and Trips The new TASKI Zorba Leak Lizard is a super-absorbent disposable barrier strip for containing liquid spills and leaks in retail, hospitality, food service and building care applications. The design offers enhanced performance over the product it replaces, also from Diversey Care, and incorporates a patented saturation indicator and distinctive black and yellow appearance to enhance its effi ciency, utility and ease-of-use.

Containing and removing spills and leaks is a critical task in many business sectors. It helps to ensure busy and productive areas can remain in use when they might otherwise need to be taken out of commission. It also ensures that water and other liquids are removed quickly to reduce the risk of slips, which remains one of the largest causes of serious accidents and injuries in public buildings and the workplace.

The new TASKI Zorba leak lizard is supplied in a continuous 30m roll that can be separated at 60cm intervals into any required length to surround a spill or segregate an area with a highly effective barrier. Each 60cm section contains a special polymer material and that can quickly absorb up to two litres of water or other liquids.

The dry strip is simply laid into the required position to create a barrier between a wet and dry area. A unique, patented red indicator along the full length of the strip only becomes visible when the section is fully saturated. This means users see immediately when a section of strip should be replaced to ensure the shortest possible time to complete the removal of any liquid. The indicator also helps ensure the strip is only replaced when necessary to maximise effi ciency and minimise replacement costs. When used for smaller spillages the strip will absorb all of the liquid before the indicator becomes visible. Saturated strips can be disposed of in any suitable waste container after use.

The strip is covered in a non-woven polymer coating with striking black and yellow chevron striping. This design remains highly visible at all times and is readily recognised as a barrier that should not be crossed, acting as a functional warning device and enhancing the safe utility of the product. The reinforced edges of the strip ensure strength during use to prevent bursting and potential secondary contamination of adjacent areas.

These characteristics mean the strips offer increased effi ciency and are more convenient to use than traditional mopping techniques or paper towels when removing liquids from the fl oor. Since its introduction the original TASKI Zorba has proved popular in a number of business sectors:

In retail, it can be used to contain and remove leaks from food chiller cabinets, allowing these important areas to remain open until remedial maintenance can be completed. While in food service, contract catering and hotel kitchens, the strip has proved highly effective as a quick response to spillages so that normal operations can continue uninterrupted.

In building care, the Leak Lizard can be used as a means of protecting fi xtures and fi ttings during fl oor maintenance by preventing cleaning and maintenance solutions from entering unwanted areas, eliminating damage that would otherwise lead to expensive remedial or replacement costs. In health clubs and sports centres, it is a simple and effective way to segregate pools and other facilities from areas being cleaned to avoid the risk of contamination, while when window cleaning, it protects window sills and ledges during cleaning.

TASKI Zorba Leak Lizard is supplied in a handy carry box. A full 30m length weighs less than one kilogramme, which minimises handling and storage burdens and supports easy deployment and rapid response in an emergency. 65

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