ProductNews New X-Cite XYLIS

Excelitas Technologies®’ new X-Cite® XYLIS LED light source is a true arc lamp replacement for fluorescence microscopy. Incorporating patented and award-winning LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology to overcome the green gap, X-Cite XYLIS provides a broad spectrum and rivals traditional arc lamps for brightness.

X-Cite XYLIS has the benefits of LEDs without compromising on performance, price, or flexibility.

Excelitas Technologies

Bruker Introduces Light-Sheet Microscope for Imaging Optically Cleared Samples

Bruker announced the release of the Luxendo MuVi SPIM light-sheet fluorescence microscope for imaging optically cleared samples. Te MuVi SPIM technology allows fast, long-term imag- ing of large samples with highest resolution and optical sectioning, as well as minimized photo- damage. By means of physicochemical clearing

techniques, the optical properties of usually opaque samples are modi- fied to render them transparent, while keeping their structure intact.

Bruker Nano Surfaces

ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM

ZEISS introduced ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM, a new flexible platform for fast and gentle 3D superresolution. Lattice SIM expands the possibilities of structured illumination microscopy. Illuminating the

sample with a lattice pattern rather than grid lines gives higher contrast and allows a more robust image reconstruction. Scientists can use 2× higher sampling efficiency to lower the illumination dosage to observe fast cellular processes in superresolution.

ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

Lambert Instruments Introduces sCMOS Camera for Effortless Scientific Imaging

Lambert Instruments announced the introduction of a user-friendly sCMOS camera. Te Lambert sCMOS automatically finds the optimal camera settings and captures

excellent low-light images with its 1280 × 1024 pixel sCMOS sensor that captures detailed images. Te Lambert sCMOS captures up to 100 frames per second even under challenging low-light conditions. With the Lambert Instruments Capture soſtware, it is easy to record images and videos. Users can record, trim, analyze, and export image data.

Lambert Instruments B.V.

42 doi:10.1017/S1551929519000361

EB-135, Epoxy for Medical Device Applications

EpoxySet offers the EB-135, a versatile, medium-viscosity,

epoxy formulation

for a wide array of industries. EB-135 is a structural adhesive that bonds well to almost all substrates. It is a low-stress optical material with high transmission,

−350 to 2500 nm, with low florescence. Certified to ISO-10093-5, it has been used in short-term implantable devices. With very low cure shrinkage, EB-135 can be used for Fiberoptic terminations including PM fibers.

EpoxySet Inc.

Photonic Science 16-Megapixel sCMOS Camera

Photonic Science announced its 16-megapixel sCMOS camera, which is also available as an indirect X-ray camera. Featuring a resolution of 4096 × 4096, 9 μm pixels, 4.5 fps at full resolution, readout noise of <4e rms, QE >70% at 650 nm, and with a choice of both camera

link and GigE interfaces, this camera is well suited for a number of scientific applications,

including photoluminescence, fluorescence lifetime detection, confocal microscopy imaging, and astronomy.

Photonic Science & Engineering Limited Pelco Dimpler

Now available to order is the PELCO® Dimpler™ for the automated precision thinning of materials science specimens for TEM analysis. Te PELCO® Dimpler™ is the latest model in the Dimpler™ line, formerly available from South Bay Technology. It is a precision electro-mechanical metallographic lapping

in strument that will continuously monitor and control dimpling parameters and accurately terminate at a preset specimen thickness.

Ted Pella, Inc.

Olympus’s Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Olympus’ new LEXT® OLS5000 3D laser scanning confocal microscope features 4K scanning and dedicated objectives for detection of near- perpendicular features at close to nano-scale. The microscope acquires

data four times faster than its predecessor, using an expansion frame and long working distance (LWD) lens to perform precise measurements on samples up to 210 mm in height and concavities up to 25 mm deep. The result is simple, accurate measurement of a wide variety of samples.

Olympus Corp • 2019 May

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