Olympus Launches New Industrial Research Chair at Quebec Engineering School

Olympus is proud to announce the launch of the Olympus Industrial Research Chair on Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing with the Quebec engineering school, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS). Pierre Bélanger, ETS Professor, was joined by his team and representatives from Olympus, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of nondestructive testing equipment, to outline the challenges they will tackle over the next five years. Tese include simplifying the interpretation of data obtained through ultrasonic testing, designing novel ultrasonic transducers for harsh environments, and engineering innovative ways to test materials without causing damage or dissembling them.


New Brochure Explains Nanopositioning Mechanisms for High-Resolution Microscopy Applications

Selecting the best drive technology for each application can become a tedious job for the microscope designer as well as the researcher. PI’s new “Nanopositioning for Microscopy” brochure simplifies this selection process with informative flow charts and application tables. Available in print and as interactive PDF with direct links to additional information on the PI website, this comprehensive overview of PI products addresses the needs of both engineers and scientists.

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

PI Appoints Dave Rego as New Vice President / General Manager of North American Operations

PI announced that Dave Rego is the new Vice President and General Manager of PI’s North American Operations. Rego has worked within PI USA’s sales operations and sales leadership while working at PI USA’s Auburn headquarters. He has also built relationships with key customers, and gained an understanding of PI’s manufacturing capabilities, an important factor in PI USA’s future growth.

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Excelitas Technologies Announces Agreement to Acquire Axsun Technologies

In January 2019, Axsun Technologies joined Excelitas Technologies® as the latest addition to their expanding port- folio of high-performance photonics solutions. Axsun’s OCT expertise and laser light engine technology expands the range of specialty illumination and medical imaging capabilities which Excelitas can now offer to its biomedical, scientific, and industrial customers seeking single-source reliability and convenience requirements.


Excelitas Technologies Corp.

2019 May • their end-to-end photonic systems

Miltenyi Biotec Acquires Promising Non-Harmful Imaging Process

Miltenyi Biotec announced that it has signed a purchase contract for a non- harmful, fluorescence-preserving, optical clearing process from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Te acquired invention involves an easy-to-use proto-

col that allows a safe optical clearing of biological samples for microscopy using an organic solvent-based clearing agent. It is the first method for preparing large biological samples for three-dimensional imaging that completely avoids the use of any harmful agents while maintaining fluorescent staining for high-quality imaging.

Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

Asylum Research Opens a Sales and Support Office at Oxford Instruments U.S. Headquarters

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announced the opening of a new sales and support office to better serve AFM users in the eastern United States. Te new office is co-located within the established Oxford Instruments U.S. headquarters in Concord, MA. Te site features a new demonstration lab with Asylum’s high-performing microscopes that will be used for sales demonstrations, customer training, and regional technical workshops.

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research, Inc.

New Features for Allied Vision’s Mako Gige Cameras with Sony IMX Sensors

Allied Vision extends the feature set of the Mako G cameras equipped with Sony Pregius CMOS sensor. Tey now support IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support and action commands for triggering the camera via the Ethernet connection (ToE). Tese cameras now offer a more comprehensive feature set, the latest Sony CMOS sensors, and support for popular C- and CS-Mount lenses in an ultra-compact housing (29 mm × 29 mm).

Allied Vision

Zeiss Announces its New Release of the ZEISS Mineralogic Software

ZEISS announces its biggest new release of the ZEISS Mineralogic soſtware at the Process Mineralogy ‘18 conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Tis is the seventh installment of ZEISS Mineralogic since the

soſtware was brought to the market in July 2014 and represents a significant advancement in both features and productivity. Te soſtware is already well known for providing quantitative mineralogy with the ability to calibrate EDX data to reference standards while simultaneously quantifying mineral textures.

ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions


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