Product News Andor Launches iXon Life for Fluorescence Microscopy

Andor announced the launch of the iXon Life Electron Multiplying CCD camera platform for fl uorescence microscopy. Featuring single-photon- sensitive, back-illuminated EMCCD technology and overclocked to market leading frame rate performance, iXon Life is uniquely available in an accessible price bracket, normally associated with lower-cost back-illumi-

nated sCMOS technology. Available in 1024 × 1024 and 512 × 512 sensor formats, back-illuminated to deliver the highest and broadest QE of any microscopy camera, and deep-cooled down to -80°C for minimal darkcurrent.

Andor Technology (Andor), an Oxford Instruments company

Thermo Scientifi c Explorer 4 Analyzer

T e T ermo Scientifi c Explorer 4 Analyzer with MQA soſt ware off ers improved throughput for analysis of non-metallic inclusions in steel. T e platform is a fourth-generation scanning electron microscope/x-ray spectroscopy for industrial manufacturing. It is faster and easier to use than its predecessors yet still maintains its predecessors’ industry-standard accuracy and reliability. T ermo

Scientifi c Explorer 4 Analyzer with MQA soſt ware provides metals quality analysis, such as the size, shape, number, and elemental composition of non-metallic inclusions in metals.

Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc.

Leica Microsystems Launches High-Precision Scanning Stage for Stereo Microscopes and Macroscopes

Leica Microsystems launched a high-precision scanning stage for stereo microscopes and macroscopes, the Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage. To ensure successful experiments, it off ers a repeatability of 0.25 μ m for samples weighing less than 0.5 kg, and of 1 μ m for heavier loads of 1.5 kg. T is repeatability is reached at a resolution of 5 nm. Such precision is especially interesting for users who perform time-lapse experiments

such as multi-well screenings.

Leica Microsystems, Inc.

AFM Probes for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

NaugaNeedles has a unique technology to selectively grow individual metallic Silver/Gallium (Ag 2 Ga) nanoneedles at the end of standard atomic force microscope probes. T e Ag 2 Ga nanoneedles have superior electrical, mechanical, and chemical stability that are suitable for a variety of AFM

applications. NaugaNeedles is proud to be the fi rst company to commercialize conductive AFM probes that can perform in liquid environments (e.g., AFM-SECM, CFM under liquid). T is unique product is called Exposed End NeedleProbe (EENP-P).

NaugaNeedles LLC

2017 July •

Fast-Scanning Add-On FLIMbee for PicoQuant’s MicroTime 200 Platform

T e galvo scanner add-on FLIMbee has been developed for PicoQuant’s time-resolved microscopy platform MicroTime 200. FLIMbee provides an outstanding fl exibility in scanning speed, ranging from very slow to fast, while maintaining the excellent spatial precision of the

MicroTime 200. T e FLIMbee is designed to minimize vignetting of the image fi eld and to ensure a constant focal volume over a wide scan range. T e fast scanning option enables imaging of quickly occurring changes in samples.

PicoQuant GmbH

Leica Microsystems Launches SP8 DIVE

With the launch of the all-new SP8 DIVE system, Leica Microsystems off ers the world’s fi rst spectrally tunable solution for multi-color, multiphoton, deep-tissue imaging. DIVE stands for Deep In Vivo Explorer and enables researchers to capture up to four fl uorophores simultaneously and an unlimited number of

fl uorophores sequentially. It is based on our all-new 4Tune detector technology combined with state-of-the-art HyD imaging chain. Together these technologies off er full spectral freedom enabling breakthroughs in multicolor deep-tissue imaging.

Leica Microsystems GmbH

VHX-6000—New Digital Microscope

T e VHX Series overcomes limitations of traditional optical microscopes by providing high-resolution, large depth-of-fi eld imaging, and integrated 2D/3D measurement in a simple-to-operate system. T e VHX-6000 is equipped with a CMOS camera that is capable of imaging at 50 frames per second. Lighting techniques include brightfi eld and darkfi eld,

transmitted, polarized, and diff erential interference observation. T e new ZST lens has a magnifi cation range of 20×–2000× and supports mixed lighting, which combines brightfi eld and darkfi eld.

Keyence Corporation of America

Princeton Instruments’ SpectraPro® HRS-300 High-Resolution Imaging Spectrograph

from Princeton Instruments that is provided with every SpectraPro HRS. ResXtreme can improve spectral resolution, peak intensities, and consistency across the 2D focal plane by as much as 60%.

via ResXtreme™, an exclusive new spectral deconvolution technology

Princeton Instruments


Princeton Instruments introduced SpectraPro HRS-300, which is engineered to deliver both the outstanding spectral resolution and the astigmatism correction needed for advanced microspectroscopy and multichannel fi ber applications. T is 300 mm imaging spectro- graph’s optical performance is further optimized

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