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JPK’s NanoWizard® AFM Systems Are Used at the University of Sheffi eld to Understand Soft Matter and Biological Systems

JPK Instruments works with users at the University of Sheffi eld where their NanoWizard

are used to further understand soſt matter and biological systems at the molecular scale. As well as applying existing methods and instrumentation, the group have

® AFM systems

the added challenge to develop new equipment and protocols to allow the study of diff erent samples at higher magnifi cations applying new detection systems.

JPK Instruments AG

Princeton Instruments Announces Appointment of ROSH Electroptics as Exclusive Distributor in Israel

Princeton Instruments announced the appointment of ROSH Electroptics as their exclusive sales representative in Israel. Princeton Instruments has pioneered numerous imaging and spectroscopy products for physical, biological, and life sciences research. Renowned products include IsoPlane spectrometers, NIRvana short-wave IR (SWIR) InGaAs cameras, PI-MAX4 ICCD and emICCD cameras, eXcelon CCD technology, and LightField soſt ware. T e recent launch of their FERGIE line of integrated spectrometers will transform the way researchers and OEMs do spectroscopy.

Princeton Instruments and ROSH Electroptics and

AXT Presence in Australia and NZ

AXT announced that they have been appointed exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for Oxford Nanoimaging. ONI is a UK-based company that has commer- cialized the “Nanoimager,” a super-resolution fl uorescence microscope capable of single-molecule imaging. T e work of Oxford Nanoimaging has resulted in the Nanoimager, an elegant yet robust bespoke platform that both simplifi es and increases the effi ciency of fl uorescence imaging, providing levels of detail not previously possible.

AXT Pty. Ltd.

French Geologists Use Renishaw’s Raman-in-SEM Solution to Probe the Nanoworld

Researchers at the French Geological Survey, BRGM, study the physical, chemical, and structural properties of minerals. T ey use a co-located SEM-Raman system from Renishaw to provide comprehensive in situ sample characterization. BRGM facilities include an SEM-Raman instrument consisting of a Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope coupled to a TESCAN Mira3 scanning electron microscope via Renishaw’s Structural and Chemical Analyser (SCA) interface.

Renishaw plc

2017 July •

Park Systems Announces Opening of European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany

Park Systems announced the opening of their European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany and appointment of Ludger Weisser as General Manager. Park Systems received “AA” from two separate rating agencies on advanced technologies, becoming the first company listed that year through the special technologies IPO program. Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO and founder of Park Systems, was an integral part of the group at Stanford University that first developed AFM technology.

Park Systems

Van Andel Research Institute Installs World-Class Microscopes to Enable Discovery of the Molecular Basis Of Disease

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) is now home to a suite of the world’s most powerful microscopes. Cryo-electron microscopy is a revolutionary technique that reveals in unprecedented detail the molecular and atomic interactions at the foundation of life, allowing scientists to observe exactly how viruses enter cells, how DNA replicates, how chemical compounds assemble into functional biological components, and much more.

Van Andel Institute

Prior Scientifi c Releases New Warranty

Prior Scientifi c announces that their new warranty for motorized stages is now fi ve years from the date of purchase only when used with a Prior controller, for controllers three years old and for Prior Scientifi c’s custom-built products, one year. Prior Scientifi c is the only company in the industry that off ers this warranty. T is refl ects Prior Scientifi c’s strong commitment to quality, precision, and excellence, which has been developed over decades of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing scientifi c instruments.

Prior Scientifi c Instruments Ltd

Basler Reports Business Figures for 2016

Basler AG presented its audited annual report 2016. In line with its strategy, in fi scal year 2016, group’s sales increased by 14% to € 97.5 million (previous year: € 85.4 million). Basler AG grew by approximately 10 percentage points stronger than the German industry for image processing components that is statistically recorded by the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, German Engineering Federation) and thus represents a key indicator for the global market development.

Basler AG


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