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Product News Basler Dart Camera Modules with BCON Interface and Development Kit for Embedded Vision Applications

Basler has now moved its dart board level camera modules with BCON for LVDS interface into series production. T e Basler dart camera series stands out for its strongly cost-optimized design, resolutions of up to 5 megapixels, and tremendous fl exibility thanks

to various mount options (S-mount, CS-mount, and bare board). Eighteen dart camera models with the BCON for LDVS interface and a matching development kit are entering series production.

Basler AG

OPTRONICS® Release of OcularCINEMA™ 4K T e OcularCINEMA

CMOS Ultra HD color microscope camera package, with remote head c-mount camera system for research and industrial microscope visual-

™ 4K 3

ization applications, delivers a true progressive scan real-time view of the ocular viewing experience to the largest displays and projectors with 4× the resolution of standard HD video. T e package enables eff ortless connection to a compound microscope with an included adapter compatible for most OLYMPUS microscopes.



ZEISS Crossbeam 550 FIB-SEM

ZEISS Crossbeam 550 provides exceptional image quality in 2D and 3D. T e new Tandem decel mode enables enhanced resolution together with a maximization of image contrast at low landing energies. T e pioneering Gemini II electron optics delivers optimum resolution at low voltage and high probe current simulta- neously. T e FIB column combines the highest available FIB current of 100 nA with the new

FastMill mode, allowing for highly precise and more effi cient material processing and imaging in parallel.

Zeiss Microscopy

TrueSurface – the Original Topographic Raman Imaging System, Redefi ned

T e combination of surface analysis and Raman spectral acquisition enables topographic Raman imaging on rough and uneven samples. With the TrueSurface option, Raman spectra are acquired from precisely along a surface, or at a set, user-defi ned distance from a

surface. T is makes the distribution of chemical components within the sample visible in three dimensions. Rough, inclined, or irregularly shaped samples can be investigated with the same ease as standard samples; sample preparation is therefore simplifi ed.

WITec GmbH

60 ®, and NIKON ® JEOL InTouchScope SEM

T e JSM-IT300HR has a large analytical chamber that accommodates multiple detectors such as: EDS, WDS, EBSD, CL, and more, creating a virtual nano-lab inside the SEM. T e specimen stage is mounted inside the chamber, enabling users to secure large, heavy, and odd-shaped objects on the stage with clear positioning prior to evacuating the chamber. Low-vacuum

capability is built in, allowing for imaging and analysis of all types of samples in their native state.


The Olympus CX43 and CX33 Microscopes

Ergonomic and easy to use, the new Olympus CX43 and CX33 microscopes help keep users comfortable during long periods of use, maximizing work effi ciency. In high-throughput laboratory environments, user comfort is important for maintaining productivity. T e CX43 and CX33 microscopes support a variety of observation methods, giving users the fl exibility to switch to the most appropriate method for their

application. T e microscope’s observation methods are also supported with a new LED light source that provides uniform illumination.

Olympus Corporation for life science products and for industrial products

New Field Emission Cryo-Electron Microscope JEM-Z200FSC

JEOL announces the latest member in its family of high-end transmission electron microscopes, the CryoARM. T is highly automated TEM is designed for unattended operation and high-throughput imaging of cryo-EM specimens. T e CryoARM

is a dedicated cryo-TEM, based on the highly successful JEOL ARM (atomic resolution microscope) series, an ultrahigh performance, highly stable platform considered to be the “best-in-class” TEM. T e development of the CryoARM was accomplished in collaboration with leading life science researchers.


Two New Go Series Cameras from JAI

T e new GO-2400-USB is the third interface variant for the GO-2400 family, which features 2.35-megapixel resolution and the Sony Pregius TM IMX174 CMOS

image sensor. With a high-performance USB3 Vision interface, the new GO-2400-USB models (monochrome and color) off er frame rates of up to 159 frames per second at full resolution. T ey join previous GO-2400 models, which featured GigE Vision and Power over Mini Camera Link interfaces. T e cameras support standard C-mount lenses.


doi: 10.1017/S1551929517000529 • 2017 July

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