Spring 2021

TheFaircracker N E W S L E T T E R

Flor ida Federat ion of Fai rs & Livestock Shows, Inc .

President’s Message Jim Ward

Dear Fair Family, What a great start to our Winter/Spring fair season here

in Florida as all eyes are on Florida and how we handle opening our fairs safely for all to attend. The Manatee Coun- ty Fair got things started off with Fair Manager Danny Alfon- so and his staff and board of directors leading the way. Eve- rything ran smoothly and safely. Speaking with a number of the concessionaires they went into the fair hoping to just make a little money being that most had not worked since

the middle of March 2020 and several reported having record days at the fair and even some reporting that they where up over last year. Dan, Eddie Porcelli (Associate Director) & I moved on to the South Florida Fair where it

looked like they weren’t going to have a fair but GM Vicki Chouris and her staff got creative by moving the regular fair to May. They still had deal with the youth livestock market sales so they came up with a mini fair which would allow the youth to show and sell their market animals and have a small number of rides along with food concessionaires and some straight sales in tents. All of this while following CDC guidelines and remaining safe. Vicki and her staff also hosted a Zone 2 gathering on the 29th of January which was a lot of fun. We moved into February and on the 6th Dan West, Danny Alfonso & I attended the Desoto

County Fair & Charlotte County Fair. We got to meet Chris Stewart the GM of the DeSoto County Fair and some of his board of directors and spent some time talking with them as the showed us around the grounds. Then back on the road to the Charlotte County Fair spending the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening there talking with folks in the barn area and watching some of the auctions of turkeys, goats and chickens. One young lady that auctioned off her prized Turkey received just shy of $1,000.00, wow what a lucky young lady! Dan & I traveled to Hendry County on Thursday evening Feb. 11 to visit with Lisa Kelley and

Mrs. Yvonne Swindle and the wonderful folks that put on the Hendry County Fair. Last time I was there was about 15 years ago and how some things have changed but other things have not . The good things are still the same with the courtesy and hospitality that makes this a great county fair! Spent some time with Belle City Amusements, Charles Panacek and his family. Oh, and we couldn’t move on without saying a special thank you to Mrs. Swindle for sending a box of vegetables home with each of us. Love this Fair and the folks that put it on. Friday evening Eddie & I traveled to see Larry Berry at The Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show

& Osceola County Fair. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Larry because of his busy schedule but we did get to see and spend some time with their Fair President Dawn Rowe (FFF Past President) and Jay & Joh Strates, with Strates Shows, were very impressed with every- thing that was going on and how smooth everything was running. Dan, Eddie & I were back at it Saturday morning. We met Dan at the Hardee County Fair

where GM Terry Atchley (FFF 2nd Vice President) allowed us to park our vehicles there before we headed to the Martin County Fair. But instead of a drop and go we spent two and a half hours being treated like royalty by Terry and his board of directors and volunteers. We had lunch at the Hardee County Fair then away we went arriving at the Martin County Fair and get- ting to spend time with GM Jay Spicer (FFF Board of Directors).

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OFFICERS President

Jim Ward, President/CEO Pasco County Fair 37328 Church Ave.

Dade City, FL 33525 Phone: 813-714-1393 First Vice President

Rhonda Ward, Collier County Fair Second Vice President

Terry Atchley, Hardee County Fair

Secretary/Treasurer Hal Porter

Citrus County Fair

Immediate Past President Bill Olson

Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair DIRECTORS

Eddie Cora, Miami-Dade County Fair

Fran Crone, SW FL & Lee County Fair Mark Harvey, North Florida Fair Shawn Krauel, Central Florida Fair

Rita DeMier Lincoln, South Florida Fair Jay Spicer, Martin County Fair

Shelly Terrell, Northeast Florida Fair Stacey Wade, Lake County Fair

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Eddie Porcelli, Spaghetti Eddie

Heidi Deggeller Pugh, Deggeller Attractions

HONORARY DIRECTORS Scot Eubanks, Florida Farm Bureau Michelle Faulk, FDACS


P.O. Box 368

Palmetto, FL 34220-0368 813-763-0161

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