Institute Welcomes New Members BROST FOUNDRY 2934 E 55th Street Cleveland, OH 44127 US Phone: (216) 641-1131 E-mail: The official representative is Daniel Horvath, General

Manager. Brost Foundry is a jobbing shop that makes a wide

range of products for general industry, from pump parts to electrical components.

CERAMIC CORE SOLUTIONS 14 Mountford Close Oakwood, Derby DE21 2TW UK Phone: 01332-482133 E-mail: The official representative is Robert Park, Managing

Director. Ceramic Core Solutions manufactures ceramic cores

using various production techniques for Aerospace, IGT, Medical and Automotive markets. Additionally, they supply a range ceramic core materials and formulations, Turn-key ceramic core processes and consultancy services. Their material portfolio includes materials for Equiax, DS and Single Crystal castings. Ceramic Core Solutions also supplies materials and cores that easily removed for Aluminum and Titanium castings.

ratings between 0-5. For each required KIV a rating is entered under each criterion that characterizes the surveyor’s assessment. The spreadsheet calculates the results which becomes the basis for a surveyed foundry’s ratings ICI Executive Director Joseph Fritz addressed the measures taken to evaluate this new tool, indicating that initial checklist evaluations led to a number of enhancements and consolidations to the tool. Subsequently, Beta Testing was performed at two Member foundries, Kovatch Castings, Inc. and BESCAST, Inc., where self-surveys were conducted. Reporting for Kovatch was Mr.

Tom Planz, and for BESCAST was Mr. T. Nykiel.

Both gentlemen reported

that performing self-surveys highlighted areas of improvement and offered foundry personnel a model to which they should aspire. Kovatch Quality Assurance personnel were so impressed with the results that use of the PCS Survey has been implemented as a quarterly requirement

under AS9100 Rev. D,

Paragraph 4.4. BESCAST reported that the use

of the program provided the foundry with quantitative results, served as a workforce motivational tool and fostered


an appreciation for the versatility of the checklist in its application to such a diverse industry. Mr. Fritz went on to indicate that

program testing is to be completed in the first quarter of 2021, and is now entering the verification and validation phase where two other foundries will serve as test subjects. The PCS Subcommittee is currently

developing training materials for Surveyor Certification. This training will review Program objectives and provide a review of Process Control fundamentals. It will detail survey terms, definitions and scoring, while ensuring Surveyor fluency with program procedures and certification process. This training will be open to all ICI Members, free of charge, by third quarter 2021. The ICI anticipates that the first

Bronze level certifications will be awarded in 2nd quarter 2021. An Independent Surveyor Network will be in place by Q4 2021, and the program will be officially rolled out to the international community at the 15th World Conference on Investment Casting next October. For more information about the

program, please contact Joseph Fritz at

Natural Gas Propane • Butane % O2 Trim

Tru-Heat Afterburner 5 - 1

Door Safety Rating


1400°– 2200°F WRF (Wax Reclamation Furnace)

Fiberfrax™ Lining

Custom Hearth

Positions to Meet Mold


Manual or Automatic Hearth Car Movement

Armil CFS, Inc. 15660 La Salle St., South Holland, IL 60473 708-339-6810 office • 708-339-0517 fax email:

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