India Pvt Ltd. with warehousing in Maharshtra state. More recently, as the UK prepares

to leave the European Union and in order to meet the demands of a changing

European marketplace,

REMET launched REMET GmbH based in Munich, Germany. Through its strategic network of

worldwide locations and global supply partners, REMET continues to offer the global investment casting industry the most robust and effective value-added products, backed by knowledgeable and valued technical support. This coupled with serving many other end use applications supported by its Alcohol and Enhanced wax Products businesses, makes REMET a global partner to many industries.

REMET is proud of its long associations with the foundry organisations ICI, EICF, CMF, JACT and IIF.

Driving the Market Forward REMET was the leading innovator in introducing and converting the global PIC industry to the use of wax pastilles in the wax pattern making process in the 80’s. This monumental initiative contributed to vast improvements in productivity, quality, safety as well as reducing energy and waste. This product form innovation and conversion helped the worldwide PIC industry continue to thrive as a metallurgical manufacturer offering net shape castings, in comparison to other metal products alternatives

like sand

foundries, stampings, forgings, and extrusions.

REMET also led the way providing preferred “closed-loop” wax recycling for its customer base to avoid any potential

environmental ® associated with co-mingling of variable issues

2003 2004

2007 2018 2019 2019

reclaim waste feedstocks and in turn, helping the environment by reducing solid waste.

Another key driver behind REMET’s

success over the last 50 years has been its development and introduction of many of the industry’s leading products including: FASTFORM®

– A patented range of

pattern waxes are specially formulated to behave like highly filled waxes whilst containing minimal or no filler, again with productivity (economic) and solid waste reduction (environment) as key drivers behind this invention. Our innovative range of


waxes greatly reduce core leach times and have proved to be some of the best soluble waxes available to the global PIC marketplace. REMASIL®

– The first brand of

refractories specifically developed for the investment casting industry. These were complemented by the introduction of the ADBOND® range of enhanced binder systems, which combined to produce very high-quality shells.




binder that produces thicker shell layers (reducing the number of coats) ADBOND®

QUIKSET™ – A binder

that dramatically reduces the shell drying time

REMASOL® JUS-DIP™ – A premixed

self-suspending slurry ready to use direct from the container

Across the last 50 years, REMET has been issued over 50 patents covering waxes, binders, and shell technology (averaging 1 per year).

Looking to the future, REMET

continues working on ways to reduce net casting manufacturing costs and lessen the impact the investment casting process has on the environment. This commitment to “leading edge technology - protecting the environment” for future generations is one of the main influences driving its product development. REMET have been Your Concept

to Casting Partner® for over the last 50 years and will be there to support you long into the future.

Dussek Brothers Founded

1970 REMET Founded in Los Angeles 1986 1986 1997 1999

Founded REMET Alcohol in La Mirada, Ca. Yates Investment Casting Waxes Founded

“Shaping the Future” Award Launched in US & UK

Remet Acquired by Burmah Castrol and merged with Dussek Campbell Yates

Management Buyout (Led by President and CEO John Paraszczak)

Founded SouthWest Wax European HQ relocates to Rochester, UK Acquires Calwax Corporation

Founded REMET Investment Casting Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Founded REMET Technocast Materials India Pvt Ltd Founded Remet GmbH - Germany

December 2020 ❘ 35

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