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Another SECO/WARWICK Vector Vacuum Furnace for ALP AVIATION in Turkey

ALP Aviation is increasing its

production capacity and expanding process capability with the purchase of an additional Vector vacuum furnace from SECO/WARWICK. This purchase is the 4th installation for this client during 13 years of successful cooperation. “Our 13-year relationship with ALP

AVIATION continues to be of mutual benefit on all technical and managerial levels. SECO/WARWICK provides the technology, equipment and process knowledge which has enabled our client to grow their business. Our Group values working close to the customer.


FEF Partners with Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition to Showcase the Metalcasting Industry to High School Students

The Foundry Educational

Foundation (FEF) is proud to announce its partnership with the Blue Ocean Student Pitch Competition.


alliance will provide an opportunity for high school students who are interested in entrepreneurship to learn more about metalcasting by creating a pitch that focuses on foundry challenges in the 21st century. High school students will create

a video pitch (up to five minutes) that defines a unique solution to a problem facing the metalcasting industry or describes a new idea to improve productivity, quality or the safety of a foundry. Participation in this competition is a great way for students to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, develop relationships with leaders in the manufacturing industry, and add to their college applications. Brian Lewis, Executive Director of FEF stated “this effort by FEF to promote the industry at the high school level will encourage more students to consider educational opportunities that

40 ❘ December 2020 ®

culminate in a career in metalcasting.” Pitches will be judged by professionals in the metalcasting industry and the winner will receive a $1000 prize from FEF.

Ted Dacko, CEO, Arbor Dakota and

Executive Director of the competition said “We are pleased to partner with FEF. Having high school students pitch ideas in metalcasting will create new, exciting and Blue Ocean ideas that can trigger critical improvements in the industry.” The competition will begin

accepting video pitches in the first week of December. Individual pitches can be submitted, or students can form teams of five or less. Resources are available from the Blue Ocean Competition about Blue Ocean concepts and how to pitch. Additional details about the competition, including

free registration, can be

found at https://blueoceancompetition. org . The winner will be announced on April 21, 2021.

close to the customer’ is our philosophy when building partnerships, and is central to our success as a company,” says Sławomir Woźniak, CEO, SECO/ WARWICK Group. The first order for vacuum technology placed in 2007 was dedicated to landing gears. The next purchase in 2015 is a duplicate of the same furnace but with a smaller workload chamber, along with an additional Vector gas furnace for carburizing helicopter gear components. The 2020 order is a Vector furnace with some customized features. “We continue to work with SECO/

WARWICK for a number of reasons, the

most important for us is the

comprehensive support we receive for our technical staff to facilitate the implementation of procedures according to our rigid requirements. SECO/ WARWICK not only installs the furnaces, they ensure reliable performance and finished product quality,” says Duygu ERTEN, Director of Special Processes of ALP AVIATION.

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