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REMET® D itself

– 50 Years of Innovation & Commitment

ecember 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of REMET. In this time, REMET has established as a world

leader in foundry

materials technology. Founded in December 1970 in California, REMET was originally set up as a technical support company for investment casters in the Western United States. Providing technical support to the worldwide investment casting industry remains at the core of what REMET does today.

In 1972, REMET relocated to Utica, NY to support its growing customer base in an effort to extend their sales and technical support nationwide. Within four years REMET had

developed a manufacturing plant in Utica. Initially formulating binders, the first product produced was a hybrid ethyl silicate binder for the investment casting industry. This was then expanded to include a range of products including colloidal silica, polymer additives and proprietary custom blended compounds. In the 1980s, REMET set up

operations in the UK initially with one technical sales representative to support the growing European marketplace. It quickly became obvious there was large demand in Europe in which two global strategic supply partners were brought in to support this market demand. In 1986, REMET set up REMET

34 ❘ December 2020 ®

Alcohols, Inc. at its La Mirada, CA facility to take an opportunity to distribute pure and denatured ethyl alcohol to the cosmetic, food and medical markets in Southern California. In 1999, REMET was acquired by Burmah Castrol and merged with the Dussek Campbell Yates (DCY) wax business led by John S. Paraszczak CEO of Dussek Campbell Yates, and Stephen S. Pilbury Managing Director (DCY- UK). This made REMET one of the world’s largest suppliers of value-added consumables in the investment casting industry. In 2003, REMET was bought out by a management group, led by President & CEO John S. Paraszczak, who had led the DCY wax business for nearly 20 years.

2004 saw the launch of REMET’s

Enhanced Wax Products business as an independent company under the name SouthWest Wax LLC, initially focusing on providing products to the Investment Casting

industry. This 2004, REMET business was

expanded further in 2007 with the acquisition of Calwax LLC which also owned the LaLuz brand. In

relocated its

European Headquarters to a purpose- built facility in Rochester, UK. This facility featured a fully equipped laboratory, wax and shell room. A year later, a manufacturing and distribution

centre was also added. Establishing an environmentally conscious green ethic, which continues to this day, the REMET warehouse and distribution centre was the first plant in the area to incorporate a solar array in its roofing.

REMET has also expanded its reach

into the Far East with the formation of REMET Investment Casting Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (2018) with warehousing in Jiangsu Province. The following year (2019) REMET opened REMET Technocast Materials



International supplier with worldwide technical support offering: Patented pattern, soluble, artisan, specialty waxes. Binders: ADBOND® family of polymer enhanced systems; colloidal silica, ethyl silicate and prehydrolyzed ethyl silicate. Shell systems - REMASIL®, Mulgrain™ alumino silicates, fused silica, fused and tabular alumina, zirconia refractories. Pattern washes and cleaners. Crucibles and ladles. Wetting agents.


Rapid prototyping patterns, HIPing, abrasive-mounted points & carbide burs,

mold releases, thermal blankets. bio-soluble

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